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22 January, 2021 | 5 min read

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Research at Ashoka University pursues big ideas, creates new knowledge and makes discoveries that truly matter. Ashoka University fosters a rich research community, across disciplines and supports the research pursuits of faculty members, visiting scholars, students, affiliated institutions, and other research institutions.

The intellectual infrastructure allows us to recognise existing academic gaps and societal issues, to develop solutions and inspire change. Ashoka University’s interdisciplinary nature of research pushes the boundaries and bridges disciplines to open endless possibilities for exploration.

Here is an insight into ongoing research endeavours:

  • Nayanjot Lahiri, Research interest include Ancient India, Indian archaeology, and heritage studies.
  • Anisha Sharma, Research interests include Development economics, labour economics, firms, and public policy.
  • Rajendra Bhatia, author of over a hundred research papers which have found applications in areas ranging from Operator Algebras to Brain-computer interface.
  • Dr. Bittu, Research interests include Evolution of neural and behavioural systems of communication among orthopteran insects in response to ecological constraints.
  • Mahavir Jhawar, Research interests: Cryptography, algorithmic number theory, complexity theory and finite fields.
  • Kathryn Hardy, an anthropologist interested in language, mediation, and semiosis. Her research investigates emergent categories in diverse sites of social life: Film-making, the mass celebration of Chhath Puja in Mumbai, and lives of water buffalo in Varanasi.
  • Rita Kothari, Teaching interests include literature, cinema, ethnography, and cultural history. Movement across languages, contexts, and cultures form the fulcrum of her interests, making translation the prism through which she sees the Indian context.
  • Kranti Saran, Research interest includes philosophy of perception. He works on the intentionality of bodily sensations, the metaphysics of constitution in the philosophy of mind, the metaphysics of bodily sensations, and the nature of cognitive penetration, introspection, memory and their connection to bodily states.
  • Nilanjan Sircar, Research interests include Indian political economy and comparative political behavior with an eye to Bayesian statistics, causal inference, social network analysis, and game theory.
  • Johannes Burgers’ research focuses on the intersections between transnational modernism, racial theories, sexology, and aesthetics.
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Prof. Anisha Sharma 
 Dr. Bittu
Prof. Johannes Burgers
Prof. Kathryn Hardy

Dr. Kranti Saran 

Prof. Mahavir Jhawar

Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri
Prof. Nilanjan Sircar
     Prof. Rajendra Bhatia 
Prof. Rita Kothari
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