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Summer 2022…exploring Ashoka ways of learning and culture

There were a total of 25 international students (VSP programme) from US & UK universities and 6 Indian students (VISP programme) taking part in Ashoka summer semester courses. The students came from partner and non-partner universities. 

Ashoka Summer Semester (July 4 – August 12) was conducted in a hybrid mode, which was attractive to international students and students from other universities in India.

There were a total of 25 international students (VSP programme) from US & UK universities and 6 Indian students (VISP programme) taking part in Ashoka summer semester courses. The students came from partner and non-partner universities. 

(Summer Semester – 2022 Orientation)

Two joint courses were offered this summer. The first with Princeton University, with Prof. Vinay Sitapati offering a course called, ‘Introduction to Contemporary Indian Politics.’ The second course was offered in collaboration with Northeastern University (NE) whose faculty Prof. Liza Weinstein traveled to India with a group of NE students and conducted an ethnographic field-based course in Sociology called Community-based Research: Power Ethics and Representation. Both courses had equal participation of Ashoka and visiting students from these universities to ensure social and intellectual exchange.

(Northeastern University Students with Faculty Liza Weinstein at Ashoka Campus)

University of Sheffield provided summer scholarship to their students to attend in-person courses at Ashoka, King’s College London nominated 5 students (2 in person, 3 online) to attend Ashoka summer programme, other visiting students came from UC Berkeley, Lawrence University (USA) and Georgetown University, Qatar campus.

Apart from the joint courses offered with Princeton and Northeastern University, Ashoka media studies courses – The Ashokan Conversation & Media, Culture and Society were highly popular with international students. The course Tibetans in India received high appraisal from visiting Indian and international students. Students also appreciated Indian Civilizations and Literature and the world as the courses provided new perspectives to the students.

“I learned about the formation of the modern Indian state and gained a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of a democracy from the Contemporary Indian Politics course. While we were taught India specific chronology and history, Professor Sitapati also introduced us to concepts of the State, Democracy, Ethnicity and Identity. All of these are relevant as I go forward in research,” Pia Sarah Haykel, Princeton University.

“The Ashoka Conversation course helped to develop skills in writing with journalistic flair combined with academic rigor. It was individually relevant as we were encouraged to do research about our specific chosen topics,”  Theo Brettell, University of Sheffield.

“The course helped me in developing ethnography skills to conduct community-based research and it surprised me how easy it was to speak with people at the field sites,”

Maya Rabow, Northeastern University.

Summer VSP Engagement @Ashoka University 

The summer semester-2022 was one in three years to be held in a hybrid mode with international students joining us on campus. The summer semester  began on July 4, 2022 and continues till August 12, 2022.

The GESP team has been actively involved in the operational management of This year the university has welcomed 31 visiting students on campus including 25 International and 6 Indian students to attend the summer semester. 2 Summer Ambassadors  (Bhumika Mittal, Shyamali Tewari) worked with the GESP office to ensure a seamless and fruitful experience for the visiting students. 

GESP Staff ensured the students had a holistic experience to visiting students and have planned and managed multiple activities over the 6 weeks. Some of the prominent activities included Bike-Rides, Movie Nights, Water Polo, Delhi Cultural Tours and a successful Mussoorie trip for the Princeton group. 

(Princeton students enjoyed their weekend in Mussoorie)

(GESP Office organized a bike tour for students in Rajiv Gandhi Education City)

The visiting students had a great time on campus while they interacted with Ashoka Students and got the opportunity to experience Indian culture and heritage by exploring different parts of the country like Jaipur, Agra, Amritsar, Mussoorie etc. 

These summer activities were promoted by the GESP office on Social media taking one of the Instagram reels to a viewership of over 10,000. The team also made a short movie for Instagram. 

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka