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The go-to guide to life at Ashoka

Here are some tips and tricks to make your academic and residence life at Ashoka University smoother

When students transition from school to college, there are myriad changes that happen all around. The initial few days can be very confusing both in terms of navigating the campus and life. We may not be able to give life-altering advice, but we can definitely help in making this change to college life appear seamless.

Here are some tips that have proved beneficial for the new batch of students over the years:

#1: Carry the Ashoka ID Card aka The Mess Card at all times

The Ashoka ID card serves multiple purposes. Everything from mess coupons, library books, and sports equipment to cross access, check-ins, and checkouts can be accessed through this card Hence, it is helpful to carry it at all times and at all places.

#2: Carry an accessible, sturdy, and appropriately sized bag

Walking around campus is a significant part of Ashokan life, whether it is for getting to classes, going to the mess, going to events, or just walking for leisure. Having a bag that suits your specific needs can make things easier. One can carry keys, a laptop, notebooks, basic stationery, Odomos, a water bottle, and other necessities with ease.

#3: Bring a shower caddy

Carrying bathing essentials and products to and from the washrooms can be hectic and time-consuming. A shower caddy makes this easier and quicker, and can also be hung in the shower stalls and put on the sink counter.

#4: Bring a mattress protector

To avoid damaging the mattresses provided by the University, a mattress protector can prove to be very helpful. Mattress protectors help maintain hygiene and prevent any liquids or food items from falling directly onto the mattress.

#5: Make use of the mail facility

In case you want to order something onto campus or were not able to bring something from home during move-in, you can have items couriered to campus through the Mailroom facility. For this facility, the Ashoka ID can be used to collect the parcel from the Mailroom.

#6: All kinds of stationery items can be bought at Ashoka

You do not have to be worried about stuffing your bags with stationery as the shop at Ashoka University is very well-equipped. The stationery provides not only basic supplies but also balloons, cellophane, fairy lights, paperweights, and more.

#7: Various research databases can be accessed through the Ashoka Email ID

At Ashoka University, you would be writing myriad assignments, and most of them would require research. It is imperative to use credible and reliable resources during the research process. The Ashoka email ID provides access to research hubs and news websites to make elevate your learning experience.

#8: Bring lightweight, microwavable utensils

If you intend on carrying utensils such as bowls, plates, and cups, ensure they are microwavable and easy to carry. Having utensils at hand makes your dorm life more convenient and allows you to not only cook for yourself but also reheat meals in case you have leftovers.

Extracted from a compilation prepared by the Office of Admissions, Ashoka University

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