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To Join & To Return

"I'm very excited to be joining Ashoka. Specifically, I'm really looking forward to working with such bright, motivated students, and with such talented, passionate educators. While I'm sure it will be challenging, I'm also sure that I'll learn a lot along the way." ~Professor Eric Snyder

Professor Eric Snyder

This Monsoon, Professor Eric Snyder will join the department as our first Associate Professor of Philosophy! He accepted the position last year and deferred for a year to spend some time as a postdoctoral fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU Munich, Germany. As you can see from the quote above, he is excited to join and work with all of us!

In the Monsoon semester, Professor Snyder will teach one section of PHI-1000 Intro to Philosophy and PHI-3300 Advanced Philosophy of Language. Students who enjoyed the Philosophy of Language class taught by our Visiting Assistant Professor Juliana Lima in the Spring should thus consider taking this class. In the Spring, Professor Snyder is going to teach PHI-1060 Symbolic Logic (for the first time also in Spring – due to popular demand) and, for the first time in the Department’s history, PHI-3241 Philosophy of Mathematics.

Moreover, Professor Scott Dixon will return from his extended 2-year stint as Kit Fine Fellow in the Phlox research group and the Department of Philosophy at Universität Hamburg, Germany.

“In Hamburg, I have been thinking mainly about issues related to grounding (metaphysical explanation), mereology (parthood), and the nature of properties, relations, propositions, facts, and states of affairs. It was great getting to know everybody there, and receiving their excellent feedback on my work. I also wrote up the entry on David Lewis for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy during my time in Hamburg. You can check it here. Excited to be back!”

Professor Dixon

Senior students will still remember him and, we are told, are thrilled to have him back. In the Monsoon semester, he will be teaching a section of the FC Mind and Behavior, and PHI-2000 Intro to Metaphyics. In the Spring, he will be teaching PHI-2240 Philosophy of Science and, as a special welcome-back treat for him and the students, PHI-4000 Topics in Advanced Metaphysics.

For more information, see the Faculty News item here.

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Study at Ashoka