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Using Data while Ensuring Privacy” | Scientifically Speaking Lecture Series

Join Prof. Debayan Gupta as he discusses concepts of secure computing and data privacy

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9 May, 2020 | 1 min read

Can we have legal government oversight while preserving privacy? 

Is it possible to compute aggregate results without breaking individual privacy? 

Join Prof. Debayan Gupta on Tuesday, May 12th at 7 pm as he addresses these and other questions, using concepts of secure computing and data privacy. 

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In this lecture, Prof. Gupta will address these and other questions, using concepts of secure computing. He will show how you can have your cake (data security) and eat it too (easy usability online). In this talk, he will draw upon examples of how mathematics can be employed to preserve trust between those who generate data and those who have control over it. His talk will view the ideas of data privacy from the lens of someone who codes to ensure data remains secure and non-exploitative.  

Speaker Bio: 

Prof. Debayan Gupta

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Ashoka University 

 Ph.D. Yale University

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