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YIF Alumna Honoured with the UN-SDG Women Global Impact Award

As Nainy Katyal embarks on her MBA journey at the University of Exeter Business School, she fondly reminisces about her transformative experiences at the Young India Fellowship

Amidst securing admission offers from esteemed global universities in the UK, Nainy proudly holds the UN-SDG Women Global Impact Award. This prestigious scholarship is awarded by the Exeter Business School to an applicant, who showcases expertise in women empowerment and articulates future aspirations dedicated to advancing gender equality. In our conversation, she reflects on how her academic journey at the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University has been a crucible of learning and growth.

Nainy shares, “My educational journey is unique, strengthened with diverse experiences. From serving as a Teach For India Fellow to immersing myself in interdisciplinary learning as a Young India Fellow at Ashoka University and being a founding team member at the inception of Plaksha University, each step has propelled me forward in understanding and shaping global education.

Further reflecting on my journey, the year spent at Ashoka University stands out as a transformative experience. It transcended acquiring knowledge; it was about mastering the art of learning. This golden period fueled my desire for growth, driven by a curriculum encouraging my exploration across disciplines. Stalwarts like Prof. Aseem, Prof. Anunaya, the legendary Prof. Shobita Punja, and Prof. Rudrangshu taught and inspired a profound understanding of subjects ranging from ecology and art to history. We were always left awe-inspired!

At YIF, I discovered my potential to evolve continuously, a commitment that guides my life. The skills and insights gained resonate to date, shaping my approach to career decisions. Beyond academics, the fellowship offered unique experiences, forging lasting connections. The founders’ vision exposed us to diverse industries, and the academic team provided an unparalleled support system. The strength of our alumni network is a testament to the enduring bonds and mutual support. My time at Ashoka reinforced the notion that success is a collective effort. It became a vital part of my growth, instilling the belief that dreams are attainable and the stars are within reach.”

Post-YIF, Nainy’s professional trajectory led her to Nagarro, a leading IT consulting firm, where she assumed the role of a Marketing Specialist. This experience was integral in blending her management background with marketing acumen—preparing her for the challenges and innovations in the business world.

When asked about her plans for the future, she said, “As I embark on my MBA adventure, the lessons and experiences from my past remarkable educational journeys are my driving force. I am not just chasing a degree; I am nurturing a dream. I aim to refine my leadership skills, specialising in marketing, and stay agile in the dynamic world of IT and business. However, my mission extends beyond personal growth—I am deeply committed to empowering women. I aspire to pave the way for more women to discover their true calling, just as I did.”

(Nainy is from the batch of 2018 of the Young India Fellowship. She is a doer and a dreamer with unwavering strength and courage to pursue her dreams)

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