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A Year-long Fellowship

Started in 2011, YIF grooms socially conscious leaders and change-makers for the 21st century.

Offered as Ashoka University’s flagship residential postgraduate diploma in liberal studies, the YIF is unlike any other graduate academic programme. Fellows get access and exposure to diverse areas of study, research and practice within a year. This often helps Fellows reimagine themselves and discover their passions.

Fellows study a curated selection of courses taught by renowned educators, work on a team-based project to solve a real-world problem, and learn how to think critically and write effectively. They are also mentored by inspiring individuals, and live with a community of diverse individuals from many walks of life.

A multidisciplinary programme designed like no other.

The multidimensional learning opportunities enable students to build or hone 21st century skills that are in high demand, regardless of their past educational backgrounds and their future goals. These skills include Collaboration, Communication, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, and Leadership. 

8 Terms of 6 Weeks each

8 Core Courses

12 Electives from a pool of 25+

200 Peers

Critical Writing

Experiential Learning Module




A range of subjects taught by inspiring academicians, scholars, and practitioners.

The Young India Fellowship attracts the finest academicians, practitioners, and experts in the field to the classroom, and gives them the autonomy to innovate, create, and craft curricula. This is a rare freedom within academia and ensures an unparalleled teaching and learning experience, not just for YIF, but across all programmes at Ashoka University.

The diversity in courses is also reflected in the varied styles of teaching and assessment, which includes discussions, seminars, field visits, presentations, and group work. While catering to multiple learning styles, this allows you to learn from a range of perspectives, and prepare yourself to be a critical thinker – a key 21st century skill.


Peer Diversity and Learning

View the world with a new perspective.

Young India Fellows are a group of promising young individuals, selected through a rigorous and elaborate search for passionate achievers with a desire to bring about change. At the YIF, a gold medalist from IIT, a history major from LSR, a Kathak dancer, a banker from Goldman Sachs and a journalist from Reuters, all attend lectures together. This creates an unparalleled peer learning environment rich with multiple perspectives. From engineering to design, film to agriculture, medicine to art, and law to journalism, being amidst diverse peers will enable cross flow of ideas and learning – which will complement and challenge what you learnt in your previous experiences.

Experiential Learning Module

Work on projects which directly impact the world.

The Experiential Learning Module (ELM) is a core component of the YIF curriculum where the Fellows work in groups of five on real-world projects from diverse sectors in collaboration with organisations and institutions (Clients). The ELM compliments academic learning at the YIF by equipping Fellows with structured problem-solving techniques, while also training them in designing and implementing sustainable solutions. It helps students learn how to work collaboratively, solve complex problems with an interdisciplinary approach, and build domain knowledge.

Critical Writing

Learn to think critically and express effectively.

The YIF Critical Writing Programme has few visible contextual precedents within the Indian higher education system. Acknowledging the importance of writing as central to processes of knowledge acquisition, production, and consumption, the programme has developed a pedagogy geared towards building critical reading, writing, and thinking skills to help Fellows engage with the world of ideas and enable them to develop and express their own ideas in a well-reasoned, lucid, and engaging manner. We do this by helping students innovate with genres of writing across different disciplines to develop a metacognitive awareness regarding their own reading and writing practices. These skills act as building blocks for the liberal arts education they receive at Ashoka University and enhance their abilities to navigate academic, professional, and social spheres once they graduate from the Fellowship.

Mentorship Programme

Get mentored by eminent leaders and scholars of the 21st Century. 

Mentorship is one of the key pillars of the YIF, where the Fellows are connected to Mentors with strong personal, academic, and professional track records who positively impact and guide their journeys during and beyond the YIF.  The fellows have the opportunity to be mentored by not only a stalwart in academia or industry, but also by an alum who shares a similar background or interest. This allows the Young India Fellows to carve out a meaningful career path over time.

Inspiring Educators

The Young India Fellowship attracts the finest academicians, practitioners, and experts in the field to the classroom, and gives them the autonomy to innovate, create, and craft curricula. This is a rare freedom within academia and ensures an unparalleled teaching and learning experience, not just for YIF, but across all programmes at Ashoka University.

Each course offering is from a distinct academic or professional domain. Disciplines range from sciences to social sciences and from leadership to the arts. Course offerings include public policy, art appreciation, gender and media studies, leadership, group dynamics, business essentials, Shakespeare, communication, and Indian elections. 

Life at YIF

The YIF programme’s residential experience gives students access to the entire Ashoka University ecosystem. Students become a part of a vibrant community and get the opportunity to engage with people and spaces beyond the YIF. The residential experience is accentuated by the multifaceted environment of the University which includes:

● World-class infrastructure and facilities
● Multiple Centres of excellence
● Comprehensive student support systems
● Fulfilling cultural and co-curricular engagement

Life at YIF

A Fellow for Life

Since 2011, over 1900 individuals from India and abroad have commenced their lifelong journeys as Young India Fellows.

Fellows are equipped with perspectives, knowledge, and capabilities that help them understand the world better 
and engage with their field of study or practice through a multidisciplinary approach. This becomes critical for effective leadership, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Fellows keep coming back to the Fellowship, and contribute to shaping and nurturing it further. They continue to support and collaborate with each other and with members of the larger Ashoka ecosystem in their professional and personal pursuits, regardless of what they do.

Pathways: Campus Placements

Ashoka University is a pioneer in providing a liberal arts and sciences education in India at par with the best in the world. Ashoka’s globally recognized faculty and rigorous pedagogy provides students with 21st century skills including critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, ensuring our graduates are well-equipped when they emerge into the world of work.

The University is a preferred destination for several leading recruiters across Consulting, BFSI, Conglomerate, IT, BPO, KPO, Research/Analytics, Social Sector, Internet, FMCG, Startup, Fintech, Pharma, Media and Advertising, Education/EdTech, and PR, and has a commitment to enhancing inclusion, diversity and social impact, and contributing to nation-building by preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

Know More

Pathways: Other Opportunities

Turn your Fellowship into a Master’s Degree (MLS)

Extend your stay at Ashoka by a year and graduate with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MLS) degree. The 32-credit interdisciplinary research program is open to Fellows and alumni. Students design their own…

Start an Organization

Apply to the 5-month long holistic Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) programme at Ashoka University’s InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship to incubate, develop and test your idea through a support structure that brings together a network of founders, entrepreneurs,…

Create Social Impact

Apply to the Mother Teresa Fellowship, which allows you to pursue your goals in development by providing you mentorship, professional and personal support, along with a monthly stipend. YIF alumni have started national movements, built…

Study Further

Several Fellows, either immediately after graduating from Ashoka or later, have gone on to pursue graduate and doctoral programmes at aspirational institutions and have also secured coveted scholarships. 

The YIF Alumni Community

Young India Fellows together form a community of diverse leaders and changemakers from all walks of life, driven to generate transformational impact on society. Fellows continue to make an impact across diverse spheres, whether as entrepreneurs, in the corporate world, development sector, research, journalists, policy, sports, academia or as professional artists.

WATCH | The YIF Podcast Season 1 | Alumni Journeys of Transformation and Impact | 7 Episodes


Top recruiters


Become a Young India Fellow

The YIF follows a holistic admissions process, which takes into account the academic and non-academic journey, personal context, interests and potential of an individual. The online application is designed to be a reflective process.





In the Media

Curriculum Deep Dive

The Journey Within and Beyond

The YIF Podcast

Learn from the YIF Community

The YIF Podcast was launched as an initiative to commemorate a decade of the YIF. The first two seasons cover 14 alums and 7 faculty. Alumni reflect on their journeys and impact in conversation with the founding Dean, while faculty engage with alumni about their course, ideas that inspire them most, and also deliver short masterclasses. Audio versions coming soon. Stay tuned.

Reach Out To Us

Engage with the Programme Team to understand the finer aspects of the YIF curriculum and how a multidisciplinary education at Ashoka can be transformational for you.

If you're looking for an opportunity to know more about the subjects, the Critical Writing Programme and the ELM (Experiential Learning Module) at YIF, this webinar is for you.

1) Why a multidisciplinary education is critical in today's world.
2) How the YIF curriculum prepares young people for diverse career pathways
3) How ELM makes the multidisciplinary learning more meaningful in reality.

Final year students, recent graduates, entrepreneurs or working professionals, below the age of 28

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#ApplicationsOpen for the YIF Class of 2023. Start or continue your application using the link in bio.

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Upcoming Event | Details below 👇

Wonder what goes behind the scenes of becoming a civil servant? What roadblocks they hit during their #UPSC preparation and how they overcome them to finally reach their aspirational post?

Then, join us for a candid conversation with civil servants from the YIF community to hear their insider perspectives, personal journeys, and professional achievements.

Date: 30th January (Sunday)
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 PM

• Registration Link in Bio •

Learning Objective:
- Hear inspiring, behind-the-scenes personal journeys of civil servants from the YIF community.
- Know what worked and what did not work for these civil servants in their preparational journey.
- Hear their reasons for choosing to pursue a multidisciplinary, liberal arts education offered by the Young India Fellowship.


Applications to the next cohort of the YIF programme are now open. Start your application using the link in the bio.


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Agrikosh | ELM Impact Stories

With banks as key partners, Agrikosh is an initiative by a team of Young India Fellows Co'22 that strives to transform the agriculture sector by empowering farmers through ease of access to formal credit through government subsidies and schemes.

In India, agriculture, with its allied sectors, is the largest livelihood provider. Every year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare rolls out numerous schemes, policies, and benefits to be availed by the farmers. These go unutilized due to an inherent distrust and apprehension towards the formal credit system.

By bringing all stakeholders together on a single, comprehensive platform, Agrikosh acts as a one-stop solution to all agricultural needs.

Repost from Agrikosh

Sector: Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources, Governance/Politics, Community Development, Handicrafts and Textiles

Nature of Work: Strategy, Implementation and Operational Support, Creative Content Creation

Team Members: Kalyani Kholia @kalyanikholia, Pragya Pal @bluepragya, Shruti Palan @shruti_palan Shiva Rajora @la___quica_ , Apoorav Jakhar @apooravjakhar

#ApplicationsOpen for the YIF Class of 2023. Start or continue your application using the link in bio.
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• Registration Open • Read more about the event below 👇

Curious to discover how a multidisciplinary liberal arts education provides the necessary foreground for lawyers, legal professionals, and socially conscious thinkers to excel in their intellectual and professional journey?

Join us for this interactive panel discussion led by YIF alums on 23rd January to get a glimpse of the many possibilities at the Young India Fellowship!

Learning Outcome:
• How YIF helps you understand society in a better, broader sense
• How a liberal arts education can equip you with knowledge and transferable skills for a variety of intersectional careers
• Get a glimpse into the YIF community, network and access to world class faculty and leading thinkers

/ Register using the link in bio /

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"It wasn’t until 2021 that logging in and out of Zoom classrooms where two hours were spent aggregating the role of artificial intelligence in global politics to learning about the olden centuries of art, that I felt the exuberance of what education feels like.

This was a sobering realization into what learning was supposed to do to a person. It is meant to spark this curiosity upon learning new knowledge and invigorate this quest for more—more words, more information, more lecture hours, more" writes Young India Fellow Nona Uppal @nonauppal

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Course in Focus - Making Sense of Indian Elections - by Professor Gilles Verniers

The purpose of this course is to introduce Fellows to the art of electoral analysis and to teach them to examine political trends, issues and questions through empirical or factual evidence.

The course insists on the necessity to confront common or dominant narratives on electoral politics with data; to ground analysis and reflection on empirical observations. It also insists on the necessity to critically engage with data, or not to take political data at face value.

Gilles Verniers is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ashoka University @ashokauniv and Co-Director of the Trivedi Centre for Political Data. He is a graduate from the Hoover Chair in Social and Economical Ethics, UCL @ucl He completed his M.Phil in Comparative Politics and Societies with a specialization in Asia from Sciences Po @sciencespo in 2005. He completed his Ph.D. in Political Science from Sciences Po, affiliated with the Centre for International Research and Studies (CERI), Sciences Po.

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The Experiential Learning Module (ELM) is a core component of the YIF curriculum where the Fellows work in groups of five on real-world projects from diverse sectors in collaboration with organisations and institutions (Clients).

The ELM compliments academic learning at the YIF by equipping Fellows with structured problem-solving techniques, while also training them in designing and implementing sustainable solutions.

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Course in Focus - "Kabir: The Poet of Vernacular Modernity Faculty" - by Professor Purushottam Agrawal

In this course, students study Kabir as a major voice of vernacular modernity and rational enquiry. The question naturally rises—what does modernity mean? Why is it important? And, what is meant by vernacular modernity?

Kabir was a bhakta poet. But, was he born to weaver parents or merely brought up by them? Why did he choose the path, he chose? Was it a kind of compulsive choice determined by his social identity? Or was it a thinking and discriminating individual’s choice? And, what is the kind of bhakti Kabir and others like him propounded? Was it a mere reaffirmation of old Vaishnava Dharma? Or it was something rather new, specific to early modern India?

Purushottam Agrawal served as member of the Union Public Service Commission of India from 2007 to 2013. Prior to this, he was chairperson, Center of Indian Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has also served as visiting professor at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, EL Colegio de Mexico, and the University of Cambridge.

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