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Ashoka Alumni: Paving the Way for Global Impact

The Alumni Relations Office connects over 5,000 alumni globally, fostering impact through engagement

“To all our esteemed alumni, you are more than just graduates of Ashoka University; you are the best ambassadors that a young institution like Ashoka can ask for!”

These words from Venkat Eshwara, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Ashoka University, resonate deeply with the spirit of our vibrant and growing community. Today, let us delve into the heart of Ashoka’s Alumni Relations Office (ARO) and explore how it plays a pivotal role in fostering connections, engaging alumni, and building a network that spans the globe.

Connecting Across Continents

With over 5,000 strong alumni scattered across the world, the ARO takes on the crucial responsibility of keeping this diverse community engaged with the University. The geographical dispersion only adds to the richness of experiences and accomplishments that our alumni bring to the table. From bustling cities in India to far-flung corners of the world, Ashoka alumni are making a mark in a myriad of fields.

Building Bridges Through Communication

The ARO employs various channels to bridge the distance and keep the alumni community connected. Newsletters, emails, and updates on social media serve as windows into the University’s activities, achievements, and developments. The traction on these platforms has seen a steady rise, with the Alumni newsletter’s views increasing from 33% to an impressive 51% over the past year. This growing engagement is a testament to the shared sense of pride and involvement within the Ashoka alumni community.

Fostering Academic Excellence

Ashoka University takes pride in its students’ achievements, and the ARO plays a crucial role in showcasing them. From multiple admission offers received by Ashoka students each year to the impressive number of students from the inaugural undergraduate cohort now pursuing Ph.D., the ARO shines a spotlight on the academic prowess of Ashoka alumni. Many have gone on to secure postdocs and faculty positions in leading universities, contributing to the global academic landscape.

Alumni Council Elections

One of the key highlights of alumni engagement is the Alumni Council Elections, a democratic process that allows alumni to actively contribute to the University’s growth. The 2023 elections, conducted via the Almashines portal, marked a significant milestone. With 1,009 alumni participating, representing a 21.39% voting percentage, the elections showcased widespread engagement across all batches. However, the ARO also observed a lower engagement among more senior alumni, signalling an opportunity for further connection and involvement.


As we reflect on the role of the Alumni Relations Office at Ashoka University, it’s clear that the bond between the institution and its alumni is not just about the past; it’s a dynamic and ongoing relationship. The ARO acts as a bridge, ensuring that every member of the Ashoka family, regardless of where they are in the world, remains an active participant in the University’s journey.

Together, alumni and the ARO are shaping a legacy that extends far beyond the campus, making a mark in the global landscape.

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