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Ashoka University’s cultural ethos came alive during Spring 2022

The Spring Semester of 2022 hosted several cultural events that enabled students to come together and be a part of something bigger than themselves, writes Juhi Negi

Students of Ashoka University come from different cultural backgrounds and have varied interests and talents. The university takes pride in its diversity and it contributes to an enriching campus experience. 

Throughout the semester, this diversity was celebrated on campus through the medium of different fests, tournaments and exhibits which highlighted not only each student’s uniqueness but also their capacity to work in tandem with like-minded people. The events served as sites to stimulate the student body intellectually while also providing them with spaces to have fun and relax.

We witnessed the reopening of campus after a seemingly never-ending wait of one-and-a-half years. Naturally, students were excited to be on campus and engaged in a plethora of activities. An upcoming cultural event heightens the anticipation for the weekend and the dynamism on campus can often be felt through the lively practice sessions, the furious hours spent in making banners and the preparations for the event to be successful. These events range from club and society showcases to baithaks and haats, and serve as nurturing environments for the holistic growth of students.

Here are the major highlights: 

Spring Haat: A ‘haat’ is a colloquial term for a market that is held on a regular basis. Ashoka University organizes several haats to celebrate cultural heritage which offer a great opportunity to both students and local artisans to exhibit their talent. Spring Haat 2022 was organized to celebrate the advent of spring ~ the season of colours, hope and happiness. The area under the atrium was decorated with colourful multicoloured ribbons that made the entire place look vibrant and abuzz. The haat had several stalls filled with mouth-watering food, craft and a lot of other activities. From learning how to make mandalas to savouring traditional chicken biryani to purchasing authentic Kashmiri wear, the students did it all! Several students also showcased their artistic talent by setting up stalls selling self-made art in the form of stickers, jewellery and posters. Several local artists and NGOs had also set up stalls for mehendi and handicrafts to promote their work which were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone present.

Dorm Olympics: What better way to rejuvenate yourself on the weekend than countless games, challenges, open mics and well, food! Dorm Olympics was the perfect time to bring out your competitive side and try your hand at all the games on schedule. Day one of the Olympics included challenges where you could jump and catch hanging donuts (Takeshi’s castle style) and guide your blindfolded team member to victory by giving them the correct instructions. Day two included a literal take on the phrase ‘ROFL’ where participants had to roll on a mat while laughing and put their reputation at stake to engage in the most fun (and important!) pani-puri eating competition of their lives. Not only were all these events enjoyable but also, dare I say, great team building exercises. To preserve these incredible memories in pictures, Caperture, the photography society of Ashoka University had set up a photobooth where students could take pictures with their friends as a reminder of the time they had. 

Vistaar and Abhinaya showcases: Several clubs and societies had their showcases throughout the semester, including the music and the dance societies which put their best foot forward to create an entrancing experience for the multitudes of viewers present. Vistaar, the music society of Ashoka, had a spell-binding showcase where they presented everything from original songs to covers. Music flowed in every vein in the hall as the participants’ hard work shone through and they put everyone in a trance through their melodies.

Abhinaya, the dance society’s showcase was also mesmerizing where they covered everything from contemporary to classical to krump. The audience too was brimming with energy as they beheld the agility of the dance performances. Both the showcases exhibited the immense talent of the student body of Ashoka University. 

(Juhi Negi is a third-year student of English and Media Studies at Ashoka University)

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