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AshokaX: Redefining Lifelong Learning Experiences

AshokaX pioneers inclusive lifelong learning, offering flagship programmes like 'India@75' and executive education initiatives, empowering leaders and fostering intellectual curiosity.

Paras Bansal

19 April, 2024 | 6m read

AshokaX came into being as classes shuttered amidst the pandemic’s grasp. The struggle of disparate classes emerged, accentuating the necessity for an inclusive online education platform to bridge this gap. Ashoka University recognised the need to equip the faculty with a platform facilitating connectivity, not only within its own student body but also extending to a broader learner community. With the intent to further Ashoka’s mission to be inclusive, innovative, and diverse for learners, beyond the confines of Ashoka campus, AshokaX launched in 2020 with a virtual seminar series called ‘Beyond The Classroom’, followed by a multitude of live online courses and weekend seminars as part of AshokaX Academy, in 2021 – 2022. Currently, AshokaX is a lifelong learning initiative bringing Ashoka’s scholarly aptitude, renowned faculty and unique pedagogy to a broader audience in India and around the world.

Journey through India@75: A Multi-Disciplinary Online Certificate Programme

In the pursuit of delivering high-quality, distinctive and impactful learning experiences, we launched a one-of-a-kind multi-disciplinary online certificate programme in 2022 titled, “India@75”. The aim of the programme was to initiate all learners on a quest to better understand India’s past, present and future.

The programme brought together some of the best minds in India in the fields of history, politics, developmental economics, sociology, environmental studies and astronomy to foster the intellectual curiosity of learners.

More information available at: https://x.ashoka.edu.in/india-at-75/

Revolutionising Learning: The India@75 Legacy and AshokaX’s Expansion Pivot

The India@75 programme may have been ahead of its time but its widespread appreciation spurred us to strategise ways to reprise it. This marks a milestone in our short yet impactful history; a strategic shift towards focusing on executive education.

In 2023, we hosted a cohort of C-suite executives and presidents from diverse Indian organisations on campus, launching an exclusive in-person rendition of the India@75 programme tailored specifically for this inaugural group. With the reprised theme of ‘Looking Back; Looking Forward’, learners were given a comprehensive, analytical overview of India since Independence, encouraged to reflect on where India stands at this juncture and provided with context for India’s journey into the future.

The ‘India@75’ programme is now a hallmark offering of AshokaX. We plan to extend the programme to other cities across India and, eventually, to international locations, broadening its reach and impact on a global scale.

Innovations in Behavioral Science: The Applied Behavioral Science Programme

Another well-received offering is the Applied Behavioural Science programme, led by the Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC). Titled ‘How to Change a Life’, the programme introduces innovative methods for leveraging behavioral science to foster personal growth and career advancement. Rooted in a scholarly framework and fueled by the escalating interest in applying behavioral science across sectors such as public policy, digital media, and leadership, this programme provides an immersive learning journey to senior professionals and decision makers. The programme provides learners with toolkits for identifying behavioral challenges, conceptual frameworks for ideating, designing behavioral solutions and the opportunity to assess intervention effectiveness through practical engagements with scientists and policy makers.

The programme resonated deeply with learners, prompting its ongoing transformation. The next edition of the Applied Behavioral Science program with CSBC is anticipated to unveil later this year.

In addition, efforts are underway to develop a condensed and more concise iteration of the course, designed to operate asynchronously on other online platforms so as to broaden accessibility and to cater to a wider demographic.

Empowering Leaders: The Three Pillars of AshokaX

AshokaX now has three fundamental pillars, each designed to cater to diverse learning needs and preferences.

The first pillar encompasses Executive Education programmes, exemplified by flagship offerings like India@75 and its curated renditions for senior professionals and decision-makers, empowering leaders to drive impactful change.

Scheduled for April 2024 in Mumbai, the ‘Demystifying Regulatory Landscape for the Financial Sector’ programme, led by Isaac Center for Public Policy (ICPP), will provide CEOs & CFOs from various sectors with a comprehensive understanding of India’s regulatory framework. Through engaging sessions led by industry practitioners such as K.P. Krishnan (Former Secretary, Government of India), K.V. Kamath (Chairman, Jio Financial Services), U.K. Sinha (Former Chairman, SEBI), D. Subbarao (Former Governor, RBI), learners will gain valuable insights to navigate the complexities of the Indian financial sector.

Further, later this year, we will launch ‘AI and Beyond’, a programme tailored for senior management professionals across corporate India. The programme will delve into generative-AI algorithms and technology, enabling learners to strategically leverage AI solutions within their organisations. Additionally, it will address crucial ethical considerations surrounding the sustainable use and regulation of AI in today’s business landscape.

The second pillar revolves around synchronous programmes such as the Applied Behavioural Science programme led by CSBC and the renowned ‘Writing for the 21st Century Professional’ programme. This professional writing programme explores the ins and outs of good writing in an immersive, accessible and peer-centric manner.

Experiencing success with the inaugural cohort, the next edition of the programme will be launched later this year. AshokaX’s synchronous programmes provide interactive learning experiences facilitated by expert instructors, fostering dynamic discussions and collaborative engagement among learners.

The third pillar of AshokaX comprises of asynchronous programmes, which serve as condensed versions of renowned, previously successful courses. Hosted on online platforms, the programmes aim to broaden our reach and audience by offering flexible learning opportunities that accommodate diverse schedules and preferences.

Together, these three pillars form the foundation of AshokaX, reflecting our commitment to lifelong learning, innovation, and accessibility in education.

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