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English and Creative Writing Programme

The B.A. in English and Creative Writing combines scholarly training in literature with exposure to the practice of writing in the various literary genres – poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. It seeks to produce a rich and full literary experience where critical thinking and creative writing complement each other. Students in this major will emerge as writers and thinkers through an intellectual approach to literary texts and traditions from various historical periods and global spaces alongside rigorous practice in writing in one or more literary genres of one’s choosing. Coursework will constitute of English courses focusing on literary history and theory, forms of literature, a selection of literature electives; as well as a multi-genre introductory course in creative writing, courses on the craft of writing, and genre-specific workshops where a community of student-writers come together to read and respond to each other’s work. The B.A. in English and Creative Writing also entails writing a thesis in the genre of one’s choice – poetry, fiction, or non-fiction with a brief critical introduction.

Curriculum Structure and Credit Requirements
To graduate with a B.A. in an interdisciplinary major, you will need to have a total of 116 credits, considering your foundation courses,  introduction to critical thinking course and 2 co-curriculars (please note that taking more than 2 co-curriculars will not be counted as a part of the required 116 credits) and other courses that you might take outside of english and creative writing.
For the interdisciplinary major in English and creative writing, you will need to take 16 courses in total for English and creative writing: 5 Creative writing courses and 11 English courses. Beyond this, you are free to explore more English courses or creative writing courses and courses from other departments to work towards the 116 credits.
Please find below, the list of compulsory courses  for the interdisciplinary major in English and creative writing :
5 Creative Writing courses:
100 level -Introduction to creative writing (This is the gateway course that is a prerequisite for subsequent creative writing courses)
200 level– Craft of Writing
300 level– Writing Workshop (Fiction/Non-fiction/Poetry, etc.)
300 level– Writing Workshop
Publishing Workshop (this course is to be taken in the semester before you graduate with the interdisciplinary major)
11 English Courses:
1000 level– Forms of Literature (spring)
1000 level– Introduction to Literary Theory(monsoon)
2000 level– Early British Literature (monsoon)
2000 level– Age of Empire (spring)
3000 level– Postcolonial Literature (monsoon)
2000/1000 level electives – 3
3000 level electives – 3
Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka