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English and Media Studies Major

Ashoka’s interdisciplinary major in English and Media Studies prioritizes the study of effective communication through an emphasis on language. Students will navigate through a series of courses on literature to grasp the formal use of language and ideas, while receiving exposure to varied forms of media from newspapers to broadcasts. By the end of their major, students will be able to enter into a wide variety of conversations and careers in both fields. 

Curriculum Structure and Credit Requirements

To complete an interdisciplinary major in English and Media Studies, a student must do 10 English courses and 6 Media Studies courses. The course break-up is as follows:

10 English Courses:

2 Gateways
Forms of Literature
Introduction to Literary Theory

Any 2 of 3 Survey Courses
Early British Literature
Literature in the Age of Empire
Postcolonial Literatures

6 English Electives
1 Critical Thinking Seminar*
2 1000/2000-level courses**
3 3000-level courses

Up to 2 cross-listed courses from another department can count towards these electives.

*The Critical Thinking Seminar is a requirement for batches from the incoming Undergraduate Batch of 2023. Previous batches can count a CTS towards their interdisciplinary major, but they are not required to do so. Instead, they can fulfill this requirement by taking another 1000/2000-level elective.

**English majors can take a maximum of ONE approved language course in an approved language (Sanskrit, Persian, Greek, Latin, Old English) instead of one of their required 1000/2000-level electives.

6 Media Studies Courses:

3 Mandatory Courses
Introduction to News Writing & Reporting
Media, Culture & Society
Introduction to Audio-Visual Production

3 Electives
1 2000-level course
2 3000-level courses

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