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Introduction to Creative Writing

Introduction to Creative Writing is a 100 level course, and the only prerequisite for all the creative writing courses offered by the department.

The course will introduce students to the process of writing complete works in three forms:

– Fiction 

– Poetry

– Translation

Course activities will be of four kinds:

– Reading prescribed pieces and discussing them in the class from the point of view of the writer

– Writing short pieces in class and outside in response to prompts

– Writing one longer piece in each of the forms mentioned above outside the class 

– Making a presentation

– Discussing fellow-students’ work in a workshop format

This course must be completed to take subsequent creative writing courses, leading to a minor or an interdisciplinary major.

In the introductory course, students will meet genres—the poem, the short story, the essay, the letter, the interview, graphic fiction, the memoir—and also try to overcome the limits of the genre. They are expected to write in at least three genres of their choice.

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka