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Lab II: Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism

The idea behind the first Lab course (Introduction to Physics through Experiments) was to help the students, using simple and interesting experiments, to acquire the skills, protocols, and attitude required to perform and design experiments and to analyse observations successfully, so that students understand what experimental physics is all about. This Lab-2 course will be a little bit more advanced compared to Lab-1. The experiments (list is given below) are chosen in such a way that they would help the students to understand the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom lectures. Lab-2 will have the following experiments broadly based on the principles of classical mechanics and electromagnetism.

1. Kater's Pendulum (to determine the acceleration due to gravity)

2. Air Track (to study conservation of momentum and energy)

3. Free Fall

4. Electromagnetic Damping

5. Equipotential Curves

6. Electronics Circuits (LCR Bridge)

The following experiments will be added should there be any unforeseen problems in any of the above mentioned experimental set up.

1. Ballistic Galvanometer

2. Speed of Light

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka