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Crafting Tomorrow’s Legacy: Uniting Ashoka Alumni

The present Ashoka Alumni Council shares its blueprint for building a thriving alumni community who can always be there for each other

In Ashoka University’s rich history, each of us, as alumni, plays a pivotal role—a role defined by shared experiences, cherished memories, and a commitment to excellence. With ~5000 alumni across 21 batches and 38 countries, our diverse community embodies global citizenship and intellectual curiosity. At the core of our network lies the Alumni Council—a dedicated body committed to fostering connections among alumni cohorts and with Ashoka University. Every two years, alumni have the opportunity to elect a team to serve on the Council, ensuring that their voices are heard and their achievements celebrated.

As the elected council for this term, our mission is clear—to strengthen the bond between alumni and alma mater while serving both our community and the world. Through initiatives and programmes, the Alumni Council facilitates engagement, professional development, and lifelong learning opportunities, empowering members to make a positive impact globally.

Empowerment and Growth: Lifelong Learning for All

Central to our mission is empowering alumni through continuous learning and professional development. From workshops to mentorship programs, including mentorship to students as well, we provide resources to thrive in careers and personal endeavours, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability. This dual approach not only benefits our alumni but also enriches the experiences of current students, fostering a culture of mentorship and collaboration across generations.

City Chapters: Local Connections, Global Impact

Beyond our global network, we boast 20+ city chapters worldwide—and counting. These chapters serve as vital hubs, fostering community and camaraderie among alumni in their cities. Whether through professional workshops or casual meetups, we aim to enrich the alumni experience and strengthen connections.

Driving Change: Alumni at the Forefront

As torchbearers of Ashoka’s legacy, our alumni drive change and make a difference in their fields. Through alumni features, we celebrate their stories, inspiring others and fostering pride within our community.

Giving Back: A Legacy of Generosity

We understand the impact of giving back on our alma mater’s success. Through initiatives like fundraising campaigns and community service projects, we cultivate a culture of generosity that echoes throughout our network. This includes contributions towards student scholarships, donations for academic initiatives, and other forms of philanthropy. Notably, we already have two alumni founders and over 20 alumni currently working at Ashoka in various capacities, showcasing our dedication to the university’s mission and growth.

Fostering Community Connections Through Meetups and Events

At the heart of our alumni network is a commitment to fostering strong community connections through various meetups and events. These gatherings provide valuable opportunities for alumni to come together, reconnect, and forge new connections. From casual coffee meetups to formal networking events, chapter reunions, alumni day and our annual “Weekender” event, we offer diverse experiences to suit every interest. The Weekender, in particular, allows alumni to return to campus for a weekend packed with activities, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Regardless of when alumni graduated, their voices, experiences, and contributions shape the legacy of tomorrow. Together, we embark on the journey of writing the next chapter of Ashoka’s story—a chapter defined by unity, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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