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CS + X: Unlocking the New Computer Science | Friday, August 28 at 5 PM – Register Now!

Inviting high school students and teachers for an exclusive workshop on CS + X

Office of PR & Communications

11 September, 2020 | 0.5 min read

Would you like to know what could make you speak and understand any language, relax in a car that drives itself and gets you to your destination in the fastest way possible, compose music, improve social equality, see how you would look in that new dress without trying it on, create a persona of yourself, or automatically create a comprehensive scrapbook on any topic? Would you like to be at the forefront of drug discovery?

If so, join us as we take a whirlwind tour of the new and evolving nature of Computer Science, how it enables these spectacular inventions, its impact in driving innovation across fields, and, more importantly, how you can be a part of it.

This workshop will give students an understanding of the impact of CS across sectors, the interdisciplinarity of CS + X, cutting-edge courses and research opportunities at Ashoka University. 

Prof. Debayan Gupta
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Ashoka University
Ph.D. Yale University 

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