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Bioinformatics Training Program

Series -01-Session-01 (Oct-Dec 2022)

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Introduction to basics of Python Programming and Packages to biologist by Dr. Sudipta Tung

This is an introductory session to Python programming language. This session does not assume any prior knowledge of programming. It starts with the basic coding lessons and builds up upon them. Using a combination of lecture and guided hands-on exercises, students will learn how to write their first Python script,basic Python operations, import and export data from and into excel files, DNA sequence analysis using Biopython and explore different data visualization techniques.Throughout the session, the goal will be to develop algorithmic thinking, intuit necessary syntax and demonstrate how easily you can harness the power of Python for your own research.

Accessing the HPC Cluster facility at Ashoka and Introduction to basic LINUX Commands for use with HPC by Dr. Jaisri Jagannadham

During the session, knowledge regarding the use of the HPC platform, instructions for accessing high performance computing (HPC) at Ashoka, as well as basic commands for the use of the HPC system will be provided. This session will also provide the foundation for upcoming sessions from the Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology over the period Oct – Dec 2022.

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Series-01 (Oct-Dec 2022)
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