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Bridging Tomorrow: Nurturing Talent, Shaping Futures

An exclusive event inviting all CXOs, CHRO’s, Business Leaders to join a gathering of Global Leaders

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Context- The synergy between academia and industry is vital for addressing contemporary challenges, driving progress, and ensuring that the workforce is well-prepared for the demands of the future. Academia and industry together can only help shape the next generation of professionals. While industry can provide input on the skills and attributes they seek in graduates, it is  academia that can tailor education to meet those very needs. Ashoka University is proud to nurture and mentor the next generation of responsible leaders for India and the world. In our ongoing commitment to further these endeavors, we are delighted to extend an invitation to organizations for a unique event—- thoughtfully designed to bridge the divide between academia and industry. 

Goal of the event:  This conference intends to bring together thought leaders, industry leaders, HR fraternity, and other stakeholders for a substantive dialogue with Ashoka University’s founders, career development team, and faculty to delve into deeper modes of engagement between academia and industry.  Knowledge sharing, talent development, and collaborative problem solving form the core focus areas for the event.

Event Highlights:

  • Gain insights into shifts in hiring strategies to optimize business outcomes
  • Contribution of industry in making the young generation career-ready


  • Holistic Models of Hiring: Shaping the Future of Work/The Transformational Power and Potential Bias of AI in Hiring
  • Beyond B-Schools: The Advantages of Hiring Liberal Arts Graduates

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