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Global Engagement through Semester Abroad: Ashoka Student Perspectives

During Monsoon 2023, Ashoka students from undergraduate, YIF and master’s programs are spending their Semester Abroad as part of Ashoka’s Study Abroad Programme. They share their unique experiences and learnings, read more…


20 December, 2023 | 4m read

“I hadn’t imagined in my 20 years of life that I would soon go to Europe, because coming from a small village of 1500 odd people never allows you to think that way. But yeah, I used to think big even back then, like working for the World Bank in alleviating poverty across the world, because they have the best resources and know-how. The YIF and the entire Ashoka has been very kind to me in that way. They gave me numerous opportunities during YIF…but coming to Sciences Po and learning from some of the finest people in the world has been a great experience.”

This is what Divyesh Patil has to say about his semester abroad experience at Sciences Po. Divyesh is a fellow of YIF batch of 2023 and would be an incoming Business Analyst at Genpact. 

He further elaborates on his Sciences Po experience “It’s like experiencing a completely different side of the world, and it has, in fact, strengthened my resolve to come back to India and contribute to its growth story. It has further broadened my horizons, and I look forward to doing something good about it”. 

The Office of Global Education and Strategic Partnerships (GESP) empowers Ashoka students with an incredible chance: a semester abroad at one of Ashoka’s partner universities. Here, they can take courses for credit, expanding their academic horizons. Student exchanges aren’t just transformative; they’re a journey that reshapes academic paths, exposes them to new corners of the globe, and immerses them in diverse cultures and perspectives. Ashoka’s student mobility was buzzing with excitement this monsoon!

Venturing beyond borders, 24 Ashoka students went for a semester abroad to study at prestigious partner universities this monsoon. From the bustling streets of London to the serene shores of Vancouver, all our intrepid explorers have a story to talk about, from the diverse academic landscapes to broadening their understanding of the world around them. They are at the following partner schools: University of British Columbia, King’s College London, Sciences Po, Lehigh University, UC Berkeley, UMass Amherst, Trinity College Dublin, University College Maastricht and University of Sheffield. In addition to that, three Ashoka students are also at Columbia University & York University. 

Here are snapshots of their exhilarating journeys:

“My experience at Lehigh University has been amazing. Since I came here and started classes, I realized that the perspectives and understanding of a developed country are much different than what I have come to understand in a developing country like India… Lehigh is a beautiful campus, and it challenges me to step out of my comfort zone by engaging with new people and new ideologies…” – Vidhi Gupta, ASP 24

“…I find myself learning both within the classroom from highly experienced professors here at Sciences Po and outside, from people all across the world; listening to their stories (sometimes quite contradictory to the ones we would be used to through the media and news) and interacting with their cultures, indulging in art and heritage via the many museums, galleries, historical monuments here and understanding myself better through the process – definitely an enriching journey so far”! – Aliya Sheriff, MLS 24

“My professor at Columbia really encourages us to move away from the status quo when it’s required and follow your intuition, especially when it is clashing with the wellbeing of patients especially when it clashes with something which is written in the textbook” – Gauri Rathore, ASP 24

“My classes at King’s College London are enriching and explore captivating topics like animation and AI in interactive ways. Class discussions with students from diverse backgrounds with diverse perspectives, along with the professors’ emphasis on critical thinking and personal analysis, foster an intellectually stimulating environment. Beyond academics… London has been transformative and has allowed me to explore new exciting places within and outside London …, meet interesting people from across the World, and learn many life skills.” – Yashvi Jain, ASP 24

“My time at UC Berkeley has taught me to push myself out of my comfort zone in every aspect of my life. The best part of my semester abroad has been meeting people from all parts of the world and sharing experiences with them. Moreover, being situated in the heart of California, Berkeley allowed me to explore the most beautiful national parks in California as well.” – Aayush Sharma, UG 24

“My experience at UMass so far has been beyond exceptional, sharing space with such a diverse set of nationalities and truly immersing myself in American culture has been a life changing experience. It has also been a great opportunity to teach people of other nationalities about my culture. I would definitely recommend UMass as a destination for Ashokan’s to consider for their semester abroad, as it is truly an out of the world experience.” – Mansi Bahl_UG 24, UMass Amherst

“Studying at Trinity College Dublin has been an extremely rewarding experience.  The courses are held by renowned professors in their field and are complete with depth in theory and application. I also get to study in the brilliant city of Dublin, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, beaches, and cliffs! It has only been a month into the exchange, and it has been an incredible experience meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, learning to live independently, getting used to Irish weather and music, and I am so grateful for this opportunity”- Elijah Samuel, ASP 24

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