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MA Economics Programme

Since the beginning of the MA Economics Programme in 2017, Ashoka University’s generous Financial Aid policy has helped support approximately 59% of our students who have received some form of financial grants.

Of these students, 53% have received partial tuition waivers while 47% have received a minimum of 100% Tuition waiver or more (Hostel/Meals).

Fee Structure

MA Economics Programme Fee Structure (August 2024 Intake)

The Fee Structure of the MA in Economics programme starting in August 2024 has the following components (In INR):

Components (2023 intake) Amount Per year (INR)
Tuition Fees 5,64,000
Residence: On-Campus Double Occupancy 1,91,000
Essential Services
(Consisting of medical insurance and laundry service)
Total Cost 7,60,400

Note: The Residence Cost for the Second Year (AY 2025-2026) is subject to revision in consonance with inflation. In the last three years, our fee has gone up by approximately 5% to 8% annually. However,  this percentage is not fixed and is subject to change.

Ashoka University provides Residence and Meal facilities for MA Students, on an optional basis. If you opt-in for Residence as provided by Ashoka University, please note the following details:

  1. Tuition Fees is inclusive of a Refundable Security Deposit of INR 20,000 (One-time payment made at the time of acceptance of offer of admissions, and to be refunded at the time of graduation from Ashoka University or withdrawal of admission, whichever is earlier)
  2. In case, the stay duration extends due to any reason, an additioanl residence fee will be charged

Note: MA Students can choose to not opt-in for residence and meals provided by Ashoka University. MA Students who choose to not opt-in for residence can avail of meals on campus through the coupon system and/or pay on purchase from all vendors.

Financial Aid Brackets

MA Economics Financial Aid Brackets for the 2024 intake

Financial Aid Brackets Amount Waived (INR) First Year (2024-25)
25% Waiver on Tuition 1,41,000
50% Waiver on Tuition 2,82,000
75% Waiver on Tuition 4,23,000
100% Waiver on Tuition 5,64,000
100% waiver on Tuition and 50% waiver on Residence 6,59,500
100% waiver on Tuition and Residence 7,55,000
100% waiver on Tuition, Residence and Meals Tuition, Residence, Meals and Essential Services


Important Dates

MA Economics Financial Aid Calendar for the 2024 intake
Financial Aid Forms Open 31 May 2024
Financial Aid Forms Close 4 June 2024
Decision Notification* 20 June 2024
Acceptance Deadline* 27 June 2024

*The dates are subject to change depending on the number of applications received. 

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