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As we launch the new MA English programme, Ashoka University’s Financial Aid policy seeks to help students pursue this programme through financial grants toward their Tuition Fee and Residence and Meal Costs based on the financial need of the student. The Financial Aid granted could range from a 25% waiver on the Tuition Fee up to a 100% waiver on the Tuition Fee, Residence and Meals Costs.

Fee Structure
MA English Programme Fee Structure (August 2021 Intake)
Components Amount (INR) per annum
Tuition Fee 4,78,000
Residence (Opt-in) Cost 1,62,000
Total 6,40,000
  • Ashoka University provides Residence and Meal facilities on Campus, on an optional basis. If you opt for On-Campus Residence and Meal Facilities, the annual Residence Cost is INR 1,62,000 and the annual minimum Meal Cost is INR 35,000. Meal consumption over INR 35,000 will be charged on actuals

One time Payments

  • Half of Semester 1 Tuition Fees at the time of acceptance of Offer of Admission
  • Refundable Security Deposit of INR 20,000 and Meal Cost Security Deposit of INR 25,000 (if opted-in for Residence) at the time of acceptance of Offer of Admission. This will be fully refunded at the time of graduation from Ashoka University or at the time of withdrawal of admission from the programme
Financial Aid Brackets
MA English Financial Aid Brackets for the 2021 intake
Financial Aid Brackets Amount Waived (INR)
25% Waiver on Tuition 1,19,500
50% Waiver on Tuition 2,39,000
75% Waiver on Tuition 3,58,500
100% Waiver on Tuition 4,78,000
100% waiver on Tuition and 50% waiver on Residence 5,59,000
100% waiver on Tuition and Residence 6,40,000
100% waiver on Tuition, Residence and Meals Tuition, Residence and Meals*

*minimum amount for one year is INR 35,000

Important Dates
MA English Financial Aid Calendar for the 2021 intake
Financial Aid Forms Open 3 May 2021
Financial Aid Forms Close 8 May 2021
Decision Notification TBA
Acceptance Deadline 15 June 2021
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