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Centre for Health Analytics Research and Trends (CHART)

The Centre for Health Analytics Research and Trends (CHART) is focused on the establishment of a strong repository of evidence- based research on a range of issues impacting population health. The multi- disciplinary team of researchers brings expertise in designing and conduct of rigorous epidemiological research studies across India . The team comprises public health experts , epidemiologists, biostatisticians , social scientists, environmental epidemiologists and exposure science experts , geospatial analysts , health economists , health system specialists , nutrition and laboratory science experts .

Current large scale epidemiological studies are focussing on air pollution , nutritional and psychosocial determinants and climate change and their impacts on a range of child and adult health outcomes . Unique AI- based modelling techniques have been used to develop exposure metrics and dashboards that can be effectively used by researchers in future epidemiological research on population health in India.

The team also contributes to formulation of programs and policies by national and sub- national governments besides focussing on building capacity for research and advocacy . Several international collaborations also provide a platform for knowledge exchange and training opportunities for early and mid- career researchers thereby helping to build a pool of future research scientists .

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