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Computer Science Projects

A joint initiative of TSB and the Department of Computer Science is focused on the use of biomedical data generated during research, healthcare, and public services, towards better understanding, models, and policies. Some of the ongoing efforts are:

  • Use of electronic medical records from inpatient and outpatient data, using privacy preserving methods, to better understand the course of diabetes and hypertension, as well as the response to treatment.
    Collaborative partners: MyHealthcare, Max Healthcare.
  • Modeling of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
    Collaborative partners – Max Healthcare, Sahyadri Hospital.
  • Modeling of dengue outbreaks
    Funded by Rockefeller Foundation
  • Understanding SARS CoV2 evolution
    Collaborative partner – IGIB.
  • Governance of health data and applications of artificial intelligence in health.
    Collaborative partner – IDAIR 
  • Digital transformation for health and convergence of genomic and information technologies in public health.
    Collaborative partner – Governing Health Futures 2030
  • Development of mobile sequencing labs using pore-based sequencing and cloud based analytical workflows, for integrated genomic surveillance.
    Collaborative partner – CSIR-IGIB, funded by Wellcome Trust
Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka