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Making the dorm room entirely one’s own

Here are some ideas for students to add their own touch to their dorm rooms

Decorating your dorm room is by no means necessary, but it is a fun way to make the space more personal to you.

Ashoka’s dorms provide you with a rectangular soft board and an ample amount of space to put up pictures of your family and friends, media and art you may like, mementos from your time in college, and many more! Ashoka’s decoration staple—fairy lights, also help provide comforting warmth to your room. Alongside this, the nursery allows you to grow your own plants in your dorms.

Your room not only showcases various aspects of your personality but can also bring the comfort of your favourite people and things in the same place.

These are some suggestions that you can refer to when personalising your room and making it your safe haven.

#1: Fill the room with personality

Whether it is artsy posters of your favourite films or scans of the cover art of your favourite album—printed media adds vibrance and colour to your room, immediately making it unique. You can also find theme packs for mood boards online in case you do not have anything specific you want to add, but have a colour scheme in mind.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you are primarily meant to use the soft board for anything you are putting up. In case you put up posters on the wall, make sure you use wall-safe tape or Blu-Tack to avoid damaging university property.

#2: Light up the room

The tuck shop and stationery shop both have fairy lights in different colours with differing intensities to suit your tastes and preferences. Warm yellow lights are Ashokan favourites, but blue and red lights are also popular choices.

#3: Go green with cute plants

Keeping plants and succulents in the room can create a comforting environment. Taking care of a plant from the start of the semester is an exciting activity that you can work on with your roommate.

#4: Add photos of your loved ones

The most helpful way to personalise your room is to keep pictures of your loved ones. This can be in the form of polaroids, photo prints from childhood albums, or any other photos you are fond of.

Ashoka has a print shop where you can print photos of different dimensions with different types of paper, such as glossy and matte. The print shop is your one-stop shop to receive physical copies of any media you require.

Extracted from a compilation prepared by the Office of Admissions, Ashoka University

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