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#MyAshokaStory: From Unexpected Opportunity to Life-Changing Experience: My Life at Ashoka

For Ashoka, that anchor lies in a profound love for innovation and education, a love that fuels our collective journey towards excellence

“My first encounter with Ashoka was a matter of luck, but it made a remarkable difference in my life. Reflecting on the twists and turns that led me to where I am today, I feel nothing but grateful. It all began with a desire to return to India after spending years in the United States, where I worked for some time after completing my higher education.

My job-hunting in India led me to Professor Malabika Sarkar. Her magnetic personality and unwavering vision for the future of academia captivated me from our first meeting. There was an undeniable pull towards the endeavour she and her colleagues were pursuing so passionately. Before I knew it, I found myself on a plane, bound to begin a new chapter at Ashoka University.

The interview process was unlike any other I had experienced. It wasn’t just about qualifications, it was about passion and alignment with a shared vision.

But beyond the paperwork and formalities, it was the palpable sense of purpose that truly resonated with me. In the ebb and flow of academic life, it’s not the highs or lows that define us but rather what anchors us amidst the turbulence. For Ashoka, that anchor lies in a profound love for innovation and education, a love that fuels our collective journey towards excellence. Our successes are not measured solely by accolades or achievements but by the impact we have on our students.

Amidst the grandeur of our aspirations, it’s the small moments that truly define our journey, like a first-year student who defied expectations with her ingenuity and passion. She was promptly able to solve a difficult problem I shared with my students in class, which I had not even expected most third or fourth-year students to be able to solve off the bat. It astounds me that there are so many amazing talents, and so many people who have incredible capabilities, and all they need is the right kind of guidance. I can proudly say that Ashoka is doing its bit to give them the guidance they deserve.

With such bright students on board, the future of Ashoka is brimming with possibilities. I envision a campus that continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of higher education. A campus where interdisciplinary research flourishes, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and collaborations.

As I contemplate the road ahead, I am filled with optimism and excitement for what lies beyond the horizon. The journey may be fraught with challenges, but with unwavering dedication and a shared sense of purpose, I am confident that Ashoka will continue to blaze a trail of excellence for decades to come.”

(Debayan Gupta is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Ashoka University)

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