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Parent Testimonials

The importance of the financial aid granted to my ward by the university cannot be expressed in words. Looking back to those financially challenging days, I recall it was very difficult for me to even imagine sending my ward to Ashoka, however, Ashoka’s generous financial aid department stepped up and allowed me to expand my imagination to now finally believe that my ward is an active Ashokan.

We got to know about the presence of this financial aid opportunity through Anurag’s school counselor. Anurag was very determined to get financial aid at one of the finest institutions of the country, and we were there to support him at every step. We made sure he had all the requisite documents for the same and continued to boost his morale. Finally, when we got to know that he has received the required aid grant, we were elated and can never thank the university sufficiently for their understanding.

Mr. Avinash Moyde 

(F/O Anurag Moyde, UG’25 student)

Ashoka University has come up in a big way since its inception as a center of higher learning. The atmosphere at the campus in general and the faculty in particular is geared to bring out the best in a student.

My daughter was able to pursue her studies at the premier institution because she could put forward her case for a reduction in her fees.The financial aid granted to her came as a big relief. The process followed to reach such a decision was friendly and cordial, and at no point during the process did I feel uncomfortable. I am very thankful to Ashoka university for giving my daughter an opportunity to pursue her dreams.

Ms. Leena Singh
(M/O Anvita Singh, UG’25 student)

The financial aid process was very detailed and objective, almost all aspects of our income as a family as well as our assets and liabilities were required to be filled in the financial aid form. The information asked is clearly to assess an overall financial picture not just from a current income perspective, but also to gain understanding of the financial assets /strengths as well as liabilities or weaknesses as applicable. The financial aid decision was shared with us before the date of confirming the admission at the University.

The aid granted to us has been beneficial to our family. The financial information provided by us was looked at very pragmatically and holistically to provide for an appropriate level of aid.

Overall a Good Experience in having availed of the financial aid process at Ashoka University!

Mr. Sudeep Batra
(F/O Shaurya Batra, UG’25 student)

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