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Saroj Muthukumaran G

YIF Class of 2023

BE (Mechanical Engineering), National Engineering College, Chennai
Ex-Design Engineer, Ashok Leyland

Saroj was brought up in an environment where grades decided if a person succeeded or not. He had to work hard to prove to this system that he was capable. However, his curious mind did not bind to these rules and knew no limits. This curiosity propelled the multipotentiality within him. He is a mechanical engineer, ethical wildlife photographer, painter, astronomy enthusiast and wildlife conservation volunteer. He always wanted to pursue things that directly impacted society, which motivated him to prepare for civil services examinations. Continuous failures taught him profound life lessons and opened him to multiple paths he never knew of. He is sparked by the principle, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity”. He stumbled upon YIF by accident and knew right then that it was the right place to feed his ever-hungry mind and be a part of a thought-provoking community passionate about bringing positive change to society and our environment.

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