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Shreya Kaul

YIF Class of 2023

BA Honors (Political Science), Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Ex-Research Intern, NITI Aayog, Government of India

Shreya has recently graduated in Political Science, resolutely believing that politics isn’t just an academic discipline but an everyday display of power, espousing Harold Lasswell’s questions of – “who gets what, when and how” in society, governance, citizenship, art, family and even love. Her academic interests entail studying the intersections between art and propaganda within the democratic functioning of modern nation-states. She is also keen on exploring the linkages between misinformation/fake news and societal outcomes such as electoral behaviour and communal harmony. She spends a great deal of time grasping and exploring the concepts of isolation and rumination in Art, firmly believing that it’s indeed painter Edward Hopper’s world and we’re just living in it. At the YIF, she hopes to extend her academic journey and acquire multi-disciplinary, practical and evidence-based learning among an eclectic cohort of faculty and fellows.

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