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Tête-à-tête with Visiting Student from Sciences Po 

The Monsoon semester saw Ashoka fostering a global community, where learning transcends borders and cultural exchange flourishes. GESP office sat with visiting student, Blanche Debosschere from Sciences Po, to chat with her about her Ashoka experience.


20 December, 2023 | 4m read

Blanche Debosschere is a visiting student from Sciences Po, spending her academic year at vibrant Ashoka. Majoring in Political Humanities, here at Ashoka, her compass set to explore the Great Books, delve into the rich tapestry of Indian civilizations, understand the art of audiovisual storytelling, and more. Excerpts from an in-depth conversation with Blanche about her Ashoka experience.

1. How would you describe Ashoka’s pedagogy or learning experience?

So far, my semester at Ashoka has been marked by the originality and professionalism of the courses I have been given to choose from. However different they may be, all the courses combine theoretical teaching and practical application with a rare efficiency and availability of teachers that I have rarely seen elsewhere.

2. How is the learning experience different from your home University?

The move to an all-language course is new for me and therefore necessarily a challenge. But the biggest difference this year is undoubtedly the life on campus, which adds a very special flavour to the university experience, with exceptional contact with other students on a daily basis and the sharing of a common life.

3. What is your favourite subject at Ashoka from the course taken and why? 

Surprisingly, my favourite course this year is Narrativizing Death, part of the Critical Thinking department. Behind the somewhat morbid name, it’s actually an absolutely fascinating and demanding dive into the political and social implications of death and its forms of commemoration, particularly in Indian culture.

4. Tell us about a memory of Ashoka University life you will take back with you?

There are so many incredible memories born at Ashoka, along with friendships and intellectual interests, but if I had to pick just one, it would be Garba Night. I’ll never forget this mix of dancing, laughter, and unconditional welcome. 

Ashoka welcomed international students from esteemed partner universities this monsoon. They are from Sciences Po, France; Ghent University, Belgium; Monash University, Australia; University of Zurich, Switzerland; University College Maastricht, Netherlands. These vibrant individuals bring with them a wealth of experiences and perspectives, enriching our campus community and fostering a truly global learning environment.

Let’s peek into their Ashoka experiences:

“Studying at Ashoka is more than just academic improvement. The warmth of the campus and all its people make you feel welcome and safe, making this a very memorable semester in the best way possible!” – Desiree Corrijn, Ghent University

“I have found the interdisciplinary nature of Ashoka education to be extremely rewarding, as I’ve been able to delve into history, environmental studies, and politics over the course of one semester. It’s been great learning from some of India’s best lecturers, who have made me critically analyse the way that I think.” – James Toogood, Monash University

“My semester in Ashoka has been beyond my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed the interdisciplinary approach to courses, allowing me to branch out, partaking in courses beyond my concentration in my home university. It has been insightful and enriching to approach academic education with a different perspective involving a larger diversity of voices. Beyond Ashoka, exploring Northern India has been memorable and exciting. I am really grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the friendships I’ve made :).” – Helene Dansembourg, University College Maastricht

Let’s continue to embrace the spirit of global education, enriching the academic journeys and fostering connections that transcend borders. Stay tuned for more Ashoka adventures!

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