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The Special Seminars Term at the YIF

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14 February, 2020 | 5 min read

The Special Seminars Term (Term 5) at the Young India Fellowship this year saw the cohort being distributed into different groups of 20-25 Fellows each. Each group was allocated a subject each, ranging from the fields of leadership and constitutionalism to aesthetics and public policy.

These courses were conducted by some of Ashoka’s founders including Dr. Pramath Sinha, Sanjeev Bikhchandani and other distinguished professors like Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Radha Kumar and Madhav Khosla. Some guest lectures saw the likes of Kunal Bahl, Deep Kalra and Ashish Dhawan sharing their journeys over their careers as entrepreneurs.

As the Young India Fellowship prepares to welcome its 10th cohort, this was a unique and refreshing way to start the year 2020. 

1Indian Constitutionalism: Theory and Practice
2Aesthetics and Cultural Theory
3Indian Financial Regulation and Policy
4Liberty in Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
5Dancing in the Dark: Cinema, Music, Literature and the Structures of Experience
6Article 370 and Indian Federalism
7Economic Development: Understanding India’s Development
8Building Habits, Careers and Institutions
9What is Justice?
10Leadership Lessons from the Road Less Travelled: Conversations with High Achievement Entrepreneurs
11Economic Analysis of Public Policy

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