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University Disciplinary Committee - Committee Against Disciplinary Infractions (CADI)

Ashoka University is committed to providing an inspiring and intellectually stimulating learning environment, and a safe and supportive space with a culture of respect for all members of the university community. By choosing to become members of this community, students affirm their commitment to its philosophy, ethos and values and understand the responsibility placed upon them. The University expects all students to honour this commitment.

To this end, the University has rules and regulations that define actions and behavior consistent with these ideals. Violations and deviations from the same will jeopardise the values and culture of this institution. The University may initiate disciplinary action in the event of any breach or violation of these rules and regulations.

Email: complaint.cadi@ashoka.edu.in

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Chair and Members of the Committee

Arunava Sinha (Chair)

Amin Ahmad Nizami Member (Faculty)

Bipasha Maity Member (Faculty)

Debayan Gupta Member (Faculty)

Shivani Krishna Member (Faculty)

Sanjay Gehlot Member Secretary (Non-Teaching Staff)

Anu Singh Member (Non-Teaching Staff)

Harshit Takkar Member (Non-Teaching Staff)

Palki Bhattacharya Member (Non-Teaching Staff)

Ayush Mistry Student Representative UG)

Soham Kacker Student Representative UG)

Shreyashree Nayak Student Representative (ASP)

YIF (to be announced) Student Representative (YIF)

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