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Ashoka Curates

“Ashoka Curates” is your gateway to a curated selection of podcasts created by various offices, centres, and programmes within Ashoka University. While these podcasts originate from different corners of our institution, they all share a common thread—a commitment to promoting multidisciplinarity and a research-based approach. Our dedicated team works closely with these offices to ensure their podcasts align with Ashoka’s mission and values. We handpick the most enlightening and transformative episodes to present to you. With “Ashoka Curates”, you can explore diverse topics, perspectives, and voices within the Ashoka community, all in one place. It is your go-to source for a holistic view of the impactful work happening at Ashoka University.

The YIF Podcast

The YIF Podcast plays host to a core element of what the Young India Fellowship (YIF), the flagship postgraduate diploma programme in Liberal Studies at Ashoka University, has to offer – the life experiences and knowledge of Ashoka University’s founders, Young India Fellows, faculty, our alumni across diverse fields, and thought leaders across the world. At The YIF Podcast, we bring you exclusive conversations with some of the brightest minds of the world about their journeys of transformation and impact.

Ashoka ChangeMakers Radio

Have you always been curious to know the stories of amazing ideas that make it big? Does it spark a question of “wow, how?” Well, it does to us too. Ashoka ChangeMakers Radio is a podcast that asks the big question: How do you make your business survive the pandemic? Is it okay to Pivot and how does one know when to?

Join us, the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University, as we indulge in some insightful conversations with CEOs of creative businesses in India and figure out how to build a start-up, something which was once only imagined.

The Sexual Justice Project | CSGS

Who is a “good” victim? Can women decide whom they wish to marry? How does the law decide who gets to marry? Our podcast attempts to raise some of these questions, while understanding sexual authorship, matrimonial relations, consent & coercion, as well as, how one’s religion, caste and class intersect with their gender and sexual identities. Tune in to learn more about the interaction between sex, sexuality & the law with valuable insights from legal stalwarts across India.

Developed by Young India Fellows in tandem with the Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Ashoka University.

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