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International Meeting on Land Cover/Land Use Change (LCLUC) in South Asia and Synthesis

Ashoka University will be hosting a “Synthesis Meeting on the Scientific Foundations of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation by Natural Climate Solutions in South Asia”. The synthesis shall provide an observation-based evaluation of the degree to which these landscapes are increasing in terms of cover and biomass, and then evaluate what conditions lead to increases in tree and forest cover in South Asia, and under what conditions do improvements in tree and forest cover contribute to improving rural livelihoods. The objective of the proposed SARI South Asia Synthesis Consortium (SARI-SAS) is twofold: 1) synthesize current and recent NASA research on LCLUC to contribute to a fundamental understanding of their patterns and drivers and 2) translate fundamental science into evidence-based contributions to important climate mitigation and adaptation policy for the region. We are focused on understanding LCLUC patterns and processes related to agricultural landscapes of smallholder tree-based systems and their potential as natural climate solutions. 

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Local Host and Venue: Ashoka University, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Khewra, Haryana 131021, India

Local Contact

Dr. Meghna Agarwala, Assistant Professor, Ashoka University, Email: meghna.agarwala@ashoka.edu.in

SARI South Asia Synthesis Project Contact
Sayon Ghosh, Research Coordinator, Email: ghoshsay@msu.edu

International Steering Committee

Dr. Krishna Prasad Vadrevu, Deputy Program Manager, NASA LCLUC Program (HQ), Email: krishna.p.vadrevu@nasa.gov
Dr. David Skole, Professor, Project PI, Michigan State University, Email: skole@msu.edu
Dr. Aditya Singh, Assistant Professor, University of Florida, Email: aditya01@ufl.edu
Dr. Forrest Fleischmann, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, Email: ffleisch@umn.edu
Dr. Josh Gray, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University, Email: josh_gray@ncsu.edu
Dr. Randy Wynne, Professor, Virginia Tech University, Email: wynne@vt.edu
Dr. Ruth DeFries, Professor, Columbia University, Email: rd2402@columbia.edu
Dr. Valerie Thomas, Professor, Virginia Tech University, Email: thomas@vt.edu

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Study at Ashoka