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Mapping tori in geometric group theory.

Mathematics Colloquium | Suraj Krishna | Nov 14th, 2023

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This talk will be a gentle introduction to geometric group theory through the concept of mapping tori. I will introduce the relevant topics with pictures and examples and give a glimpse of some of the spectacular progress made by stalwarts like Bill Thurston. I will then mention some recent progress in the field, along with my own forays.

About the Speaker:

He is currently a postdoc at the Technion in Israel, after completing his PhD at the Université Paris Saclay and He was a postdoctoral stint at TIFR. His research area is geometric group theory, specifically CAT(0) cube complexes, hyperbolicity and relative hyperbolicity. Of late, He is learning the interactive theorem prover Lean after developing an interest in the formalisation of mathematics.

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