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Students and Alums win scholarships to make Ashoka proud!

For the very first time, Ashoka alum, Dhruv Agarwal, won the prestigious Quad Fellowship. The Quad Fellowship is a joint […]

Ashoka Faculty Awarded the Prestigious 2023 Guggenheim Fellowship

Professor Projit B. Mukharji, Visiting Faculty, History at Ashoka University has been chosen among the Guggenheim Fellows for the year […]

Pathway to graduate admissions at Clark University for Ashoka students

Ashoka University signed its first articulation agreement with Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. An articulation agreement creates a pathway for […]

Diversity. Inclusion. Equity: A Growing Culture at Ashoka

“The problem is not how to wipe out the differences but how to unite with the differences intact”. – Rabindranath […]

Building Bridges to Success

For a student with learning difficulties, the journey through educational institutions is a difficult one and brings in daily struggles […]

From Isolation To Community

Every morning my school hallways were filled with reunions and students used the time before our school bell to meet […]

Befriending Assistive Technology

Picture this. You are seated in a classroom filled with a diverse group of students, and the professor is explaining […]

One size does not fit all: Celebrating learning differences in the classroom

Education and knowledge are pivotal for students and learners in unlocking better futures and enhancing personal development to achieve their […]

Inclusion in STEM Education: Policy and Practice at Ashoka University

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act, 2016 encourages “measures to promote, protect and ensure participation of persons with […]

Words Matter: Making Language More Disability-Inclusive

What is the ‘right’ or rather respectful way of referring to someone who uses a wheelchair, who has trouble hearing, […]

Ashoka and Zubaan announce partnership to translate books by women written in Indian languages

The Ashoka Centre for Translation has announced its publishing partnership with Zubaan Publishers for the Women Translating Women (WTW) project. […]

Can you stop being so lazy?

There is a general sense of bafflement when the term “learning disability (LD)” is brought up or talked about. Persons […]

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