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Kiran Sahani

Ashoka University Student Becomes the Sole South Asian to Receive McCall MacBain Scholarship

Ashoka University’s alum Kiran Sahani has become the only South Asian recipient of the McCall MacBain Global Scholarship awarded by […]

Learning Online

AshokaX: Implementing a Strategic Differentiation Approach

Over the past few years, I have observed the remarkable strides made by Ashoka University in delivering quality education in […]

AshokaX Team

AshokaX: Modernising Online Education with Academic Excellence and Inclusivity

In the contemporary era, where digital platforms have become indispensable to education, AshokaX stands out as a progressive initiative by […]

Chandanapriya Dhanraj

Embracing Growth: Reflecting on the Journey through PEDP

As the Professional Enhancement Development Program (PEDP) draws to a formal close, I wanted to express my gratitude for the […]

Adhiraaj Anand

AshokaX’s Professional Writing Certificate from the Eyes of a Learner

In the ever-evolving landscape of the written word, the ability to effectively convey thoughts, emotions, and messages holds significant importance. […]


Nurturing Learning and Impact

The domain of online education is in a state of perpetual evolution, constantly adapting to meet the needs of learners, […]

Professor Devapriya Roy

Writing as Community: Reflections on Teaching AshokaX’s Professional Writing Programme

“Writing is a skill everyone needs, but we rarely get a dedicated space to improve it outside of school,” remarks […]

Dr Anirban Sen

Many of the world’s most pressing problems can be solved through interdisciplinary collaboration

Satyajit Ray’s famous creation, Professor Shanku, sparked Anirban Sen’s interest in science. Anirban, an Assistant Professor of Computer Science (CS) […]

Manvi Sharma

Go home mosquito, you are confused!

We often experience confusion when faced with too many options. For example, imagine you entered a hypermarket to buy a […]

Nandini Krishna

Investigating the Impact of Prenatal Temperature Variability on Children’s Education in India

The most critical period of a child’s development is during their time in the mother’s womb. This is when humans […]

Aneesh Sriram

Exploring the Historical Landscape and Ecological Significance of the Oxbow Lake in Kundli, Sonepat

This research aims to utilise various sources to investigate and comprehend the historical landscape of the environment in an area […]

The Ashoka Centre for Translation partners with Penguin Random House India to unveil ‘Chronicles’

The Ashoka Centre for Translation, in collaboration with Penguin Random House, proudly announces the launch of Chronicles, a groundbreaking non-fiction […]

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka