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Embrace the Wanderer Within at Banjaara ‘23

A hub of energy, excitement, and inspiration and an annual feature in the Ashoka University cultural calendar, Banjaara gives college […]

Contestation of History Evokes More Interest Among Readers: Chancellor Rudrangshu Mukherjee

The study of history will always be significant because unless we know about the past we cannot understand the present, […]

Dalit Resistances to ‘Indian Political Modernity’

Abstract:  Shantanu presents a Dalit critique of Indian Political Modernity and highlights Dalit resistance to religious homogenisation. He argues that […]

Why is the participation of Indian women in paid work declining?

The low and declining level of female labour force participation (FLFP) has been the subject of intense academic and policy […]

Ashoka student attends Google Research Week

I started off as an Economics major at Ashoka but ended up switching my major in my second year. My […]

Research for impact: The role of behavioural science in public policy design

Since its inception, the Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC) has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge and […]

Behavioural Science in Uttar Pradesh and beyond

Ashoka University’s Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC) is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and […]

Scaling-up climate-friendly lifestyles using behavioural science

How can we as a nation become more environmentally friendly? India has an extensive coastline, extreme temperatures, and debilitating regional […]

From pro-environment intent to action: Insights from behaviour science

Every summer, depleting groundwater levels raise fears of water scarcity across India’s cities and villages, and each winter, rising pollution […]

What behavioural science can tell us about vaccine hesitancy: Insights from CSBC

Vaccines are undoubtedly among the most significant medical advancements in human history. Without them, historically fatal diseases like smallpox, polio, […]

Application of Whatsapp Messaging in Social Impact Messaging

WhatsApp is a democratic tool used by a significant section of India’s population (~500 million accounts). The platform encourages a […]

‘Education for Change: Social Reconstruction through Critical Pedagogy’

Abstract:  Nihaalini makes a case for how universities in India have to play a much more active role in shaping […]

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