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What behavioural science can tell us about vaccine hesitancy: Insights from CSBC

Vaccines are undoubtedly among the most significant medical advancements in human history. Without them, historically fatal diseases like smallpox, polio, […]

Application of Whatsapp Messaging in Social Impact Messaging

WhatsApp is a democratic tool used by a significant section of India’s population (~500 million accounts). The platform encourages a […]

‘Education for Change: Social Reconstruction through Critical Pedagogy’

Abstract:  Nihaalini makes a case for how universities in India have to play a much more active role in shaping […]

Ashoka student wins the title of Young Earth Champions

Yashesswin works with Bodhi Capital, India’s first student-run Undergraduate Investments fund as well as the Ashoka Investments Club. Along with […]

What’s New at the Young India Fellowship: A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Class of 2024

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) is Ashoka University’s flagship graduate programme in Liberal Studies that trains 100 exceptional individuals from […]

‘Legal Literacy: A Key to Socio-Economic Justice’

Abstract:  Aadil Raza makes a passionate case for recognising the importance and redefining the parameters of legal literacy in India. […]

Yale delegation visits Ashoka University

A delegation from Yale University consisting of Prof. Steven Wilkinson, Vice-Provost of Global Strategy, Sunil Amrith, Chair of the South […]

‘Zoo and the ‘People Shows’: Meeting Points of Ecological Modernity and Colonialism’

Abstract:  A visit to the Assam State Zoo prompts Anuraag Khaund to research the fascinating – and troubling – history […]

Driving student experience outside the classroom

“What do you do at Ashoka University?”, a friend recently asked.  I repeated my usual answer, “I work at the […]

Ashoka University launches Rakesh Jhunjhunwala School of Economics and Finance

In recognition of the support received over the years from the philanthropist and ‘Big Bull’ of the modern investment era, […]

Conference Report – The Himalayas from Its Edges: Mobilities, Networks, Geographies

The Himalayan ranges, which suture a vast and varied physical and socio-cultural landscape, have escaped critical scholarly understanding from state-centered […]

‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’

  Abstract:  The fluidity and anonymity of the virtual world can be both exhilarating and debilitating at the same time. […]

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