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Between Classes & Office Hours: Experience of Teaching as a Visiting Faculty at Ashoka University

I, for the past 3 decades, post-IIM Ahmedabad, have been engaged in co-creating businesses with entrepreneurs as an Operational Private […]

Ashokapreneur Highlight: Amaan Andicot, Co-Founder, Finforall

The creation of the asset After graduating from Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon in 12th grade, Aayush decided to take a […]

Ashokapreneur Highlight: Abbas Ali Zaveri, Founder, Hypefly

What is Hypefly? How did it start and what is the story behind it? Well, it all started back when […]

GESP holds its Annual Study Abroad Fair in person and virtually

The Annual Study Abroad Fair provided the students with the opportunity to interact with representatives from universities across different countries […]

Global student mobility is back on track

Post-pandemic, Ashoka’s outbound and inbound mobility has been gaining momentum since the summer of 2022. The enthusiasm of Ashoka students […]

GESP Office enables opportunities for Ph.D. scholars: K2A Mobility Grant

Ashoka University (represented by the GESP office) joined the K2A network in 2022 which made it possible to add opportunities […]

Two Ashoka UG students complete Global Competence Certificate programme with New Zealand

In the 2022 monsoon semester GESP partnered with Education New Zealand (ENZ) for its new Global Competence Certificate programme for […]

Between Classes & Office Hours: A Candid Conversation with Prof. Mukesh Sud

Mukesh Sud is an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and a Visiting Faculty at the Department […]

Between Classes & Office Hours: Web3 & the Creator Economy

As you browsed the World Wide Web, you would have certainly encountered the infamous 404 error, signifying that a web […]

Between Classes & Office Hours: Business Communication and Negotiation: Constructing, Deconstructing and Reconstructing Paradigms of Success

Communication- formal and organizational – can be tough. You may have experienced it. In case not, let us imagine…The stage […]

An Evening with Neil George, MD, Nivea and a Comic Book Author

Neil was invited to deliver a talk titled “Let’s Talk Money – Pricing to Win” as a part of the […]

‘Nietzsche, Rawls and Bezos Walk into a Bar: A Review of Pandemic Ethics’

Abstract:  By appropriating 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of “slave and master morality” on one hand, and 20th-century political […]

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