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FutureStream: International Relations | War, Peace, and Drones

Ever wondered how the Russia-Ukraine conflict or the US-China standoff over Taiwan could alter the global chessboard or shape your future? This live, certified course, spread over 4 weekends, demystifies the intricate dynamics of 21st century warfare and security. Through real-world case studies and simulation-based activities, gain a nuanced understanding of the complex interplay between conflict, security, and global stability.

This course specially designed for high schoolers (Grades 9-12) introduces them to a university-level education in International Relations and how it helps us understand our world better.

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Dates Eligibility Fees 
Application deadline- Dec 10, 2023

Course dates– Sat, Dec 16, 2023- Sun, Jan 07, 2024

16 Live Teaching Hours over 4 weekends (11AM- 1PM on Saturdays & Sundays).

  • High schoolers studying in grades 9- 12 as on the course commencement date in Dec 2023.
  • Students from India and abroad can apply.
  • Students from all boards can apply.
  • Prerequisites: High level of proficiency in written and verbal English communication.
  • You will be required to submit your latest marksheet in the application form.
Rs 22,000/- +GST
*Refer to fees section of website for inclusions & exclusions

Who is this course for?

This course is for high schoolers studying social sciences or considering them for higher education. It’s also ideal for those keen to go beyond the headlines and understand the complexities of global security in our rapidly changing world.

Prerequisites: Comfort and proficiency in written & spoken English. You will be required to submit your latest mark sheet in the application form.

What’s in it for me?

  • Deep Dive into IR: Develop a rich understanding of fundamental theories in IR and their applications in the contemporary world.
  • Live Project: Use real-world simulation-based activities that put you at the heart of decision-making. Will you choose diplomacy or defence? Your choices could shape the outcome!
  • Peer Collaboration: Work on the most complex global security questions with your classmates and propose potential solutions.
  • MUNs & Debates: Work in teams to prepare your case. You’ll challenge each other’s viewpoints and come out smarter for it.
  • Faculty Insights: Dive deep into the security challenges of the 21st century with insightful faculty lectures.
  • Hands-on Workshops: Participate in activities that cultivate a critical understanding of the use of technology in warfare.
  • Expert Feedback: Benefit from guidance and reviews by faculty, mentors & industry experts.
  • Futuristic Perspectives: Gain future forward perspectives on global security and what role you could play.

What do I take away?

By the end of this course, you will-

  • Be equipped to critically analyse the changing face of warfare in the 21st century, especially through the lens of technological innovations like drones and cyber threats.
  • Develop a critical eye that allows you to dissect news and debates on modern conflict, making you an informed participant in discussions on global security.
  • Get a real-world perspective on the issues of warfare and security that extend beyond the battlefield, involving ethical considerations and human rights.
  • Gain a forward-looking perspective on the future of global security challenges, preparing you to be part of the next generation of informed citizens and problem-solvers.


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Session outline

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Lecture module  War 2.0: The Evolution of Modern Warfare Game of ‘Drones’: Warfare and Surveillance in 21st Century Digital Fortress: Emerging Threats in the Cyber Space Planetary Pulse: Environmental and Health Security
Project module Simulated Crisis Operation-1 Simulated Crisis Operation-2 Simulated Crisis Operation-3 Final Presentation

Grading, Assessments & Certification

All Ashoka Horizons courses offer a certificate on satisfactory completion of the course. The 2 components of student assessment are-

  1. Regular assessments through quizzes
  2. Simulated Crisis Operation Assessment -students will be divided into groups & will produce policy briefs & conduct mock UN debates on themes covered in class
  3. Certificate of completion.

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IT Requirements

This course is administered through an online platform. Students are expected to have a foundational understanding of computer usage, including but not limited to sending emails and conducting Internet searches. Consistent access to the Internet and a computer that aligns with the recommended minimum specifications are also requisite for participation in the course.


Small cohorts. Apply early to secure your seat.

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