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Ashoka Horizons- FAQs

  • Horizons: What and How?

    Ashoka Horizons courses are the only certified, live, online, micro courses specially curated for curious and ambitious high schoolers entering grades 9-12. Choose from the widest range of subjects, 21st century skills and life interests, offered year-round.

    The future-forward modules, led by a global faculty and industry leaders, offer personalised mentorship, live sessions, and project- based learning.

    Ashoka Horizons online courses empower high schoolers with richer knowledge and stronger profiles for better college admission outcomes in India or abroad.

    Horizons provides courses under three categories: FutureStream, FutureSkill, and FutureLife.

    FutureStream- Get a head start in your chosen academic field or explore a new discipline, ensuring you’re well-prepared and ahead of the curve for college success.

    FutureSkill- Build or hone skills that would be most relevant for success in the 21st-century, be it academics, your professional or personal life.

    FutureLife- Build the foundations for a fulfilling life & a multidimensional personality through innovative courses ranging from Finding Purpose, Building Resilience to Appreciating the Arts and many more.

    Prominent faculty and industry leaders from Ashoka University and beyond lead the Horizons courses. Students directly engage with these experts in live sessions, accessing their in-depth subject knowledge and insights.

    Teaching Fellows (TFs) are advanced students selected by faculty for their expertise in the course subject. The TFs typically conduct the project module based sessions for Horizons courses. They also offer regular office hours each week, allowing Horizons course participants to seek clarity on concepts and guidance on projects.

    Collaboration is at the heart of Horizons courses. Beyond standard lessons, you’ll immerse in enriching group activities, co-create projects, and engage in constructive feedback sessions. And the learning doesn’t stop at course completion. You’ll become a part of a vibrant virtual community, where year-round events offer the chance to connect, share, and network with a diverse group of Horizons alumni from across the globe.

    You’ll receive personalized feedback on the projects you work on during the courses. Our dedicated Teaching Fellows provide guidance and insights to help you refine your projects and enhance your understanding of the subject matter.

  • Why take Horizons?

    All Ashoka Horizons certified courses are designed to set high schoolers up for success. Horizons FutureStream courses cover a wide range of disciplines in line with Ashoka’s interdisciplinary pedagogy and dialogic approach across the Humanities, Sciences and Commerce streams. But Horizons is not all academics. Horizons FutureSkill courses also help students develop & hone critical 21st-century skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership, that would help them thrive not only in school & college but also ahead in life. Horizons FutureLife courses introduce high schoolers to courses such as Finding Purpose to Appreciating Art or Building Strength & Resilience and much more. Develop your interests and build a multidimensional personality that will not only make you a standout candidate but also set the stage for a meaningful life as you stand on this critical threshold of college, career, and life beyond.

    Taking a Horizons course may help you build your profile for admissions at any college, including Ashoka. However, taking a Horizons does not guarantee admission to the Ashoka undergraduate programme.

    Upon satisfactory completion of a Horizons course, you will receive a digital certificate for your achievement. Please note that a minimum 75% attendance is required for satisfactory completion in addition to the required coursework.

    Yes. You are encouraged to explore multiple courses offered throughout the year. However, you cannot take multiple courses with overlapping dates.

  • Enrollment and Fees

    Horizons courses provide a seamless online learning experience through live and interactive sessions. Our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates real-time engagement with top faculty and industry leaders. You’ll delve into real-world problems, collaborate with peers on solution-oriented projects, and receive personalized feedback.

    High school students in Grades 9-12 pursuing any board in any school from India and across the world are eligible to enroll in Horizons courses as long as they meet the requirements listed below-

    1. Students should be in grades 9-12 as on the course commencement date.
    2. Students should be comfortable with written & spoken English, which will be the medium of instruction for the courses.
    3. Applicants need to fill out a simple application form that asks for their basic details and school mark sheet. 
    4. Classes will be conducted according to Indian Standard Time (IST).


    However, specific courses may have other eligibility criteria. Please review the eligibility criteria for individual courses before enrolling. Students who have graduated grade 12 but have not begun their undergraduate are also eligible.

    We will offer a 75% refund till April 25, 2024 for May courses and May 23, 2024 for June courses. After these dates, we will not refund any fees. In case you would like to withdraw from a course, please email us at horizons@ashoka.edu.in explaining your reason for withdrawal.

    Please find all details related to course fees by clicking here.

    Enrolling in a Horizons course is easy. Simply explore our course offerings here, select the course that aligns with your interests, and follow the enrollment instructions provided on our website. Please visit the “Apply Now” page for detailed instructions on enrollment.

    Applications are open for courses scheduled over May & June 2024.

    All courses have limited seats. If the capacity for a course that you want to enroll in has been reached, you will be put on the waitlist and notified in case there is a vacancy.

    Horizons courses will be offered over the months May and June:

    • May Courses: May 18 – June 9, 2024
    • June Courses: June 15 – July 7, 2024 

    Live sessions will be held over 4 weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in the first half of the day.

    Horizons courses are offered year-round, but especially in October-November, December-January, and April-June. Most courses offer a flexible schedule, with live sessions typically held on weekends, and additional opportunities for doubt-clearing and project (individual/group) development on weekdays. Courses usually run for four weekends, but this may differ between courses. Please check our website for future courses.

    Applications are open for the upcoming courses scheduled over May and June 2024. As each course has a limited number of seats, enrollments automatically close when capacity is reached or on the application deadline. We encourage you to enroll in the course of your choice as soon as possible to reserve your seat.

  • Eligibility and Requirements

    You will be asked to upload your latest academic year marksheet (for e.g. If you have just entered Grade 9, please upload your Grade 8 marksheet). There is no cut-off percentage for applying to the courses.

    Yes, you will sign an undertaking to abide by the code of conduct for online courses at Ashoka University. If, at any time, during the course of the admissions process or later, the information provided by you in the application form is found to be false, untrue, incorrect or misleading, or you are found indulging in any indisciplinary activity or misconduct, Ashoka University reserves the right to cancel your candidature or withdraw your Offer of Admission or expel you from the course without any refund.

    Time commitment varies between courses, but most Horizons courses run 4 hours of live sessions per week, including the faculty session and the project session. Students can expect to spend 3- 5 hours on self-study during the course.

    This course is delivered online; to participate you must be familiar with using a computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the Internet. You will also need regular access to the Internet and a computer meeting our recommended minimum computer specification.



    In case you miss a session, you are encouraged to reach out to the Teaching Fellow of the course to schedule a meeting to catch up on missed material. However, attendance and participation is encouraged for a richer experience.

    If you attend less than 75% of the sessions, you may not be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

    Please reach out to horizons@ashoka.edu.in with any questions regarding fees and enrollment.

  • Click here to go to the Ashoka Horizons Application Portal
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