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Devyanshi Gairola

YIF Class of 2023

BCom, Gargi College
Ex-Editorial Intern, Penguin Random House India and Siyahi

More than anything else, Devyanshi believes in being true to herself and strives to put forward the most authentic version of herself, evident from the kinds of media she consumes, her self-perception and social interactions. She enjoys reading all kinds of books–from fantasy fiction and kitschy rom-coms to feminist literature and random Wikipedia articles–a habit developed during a work stint in the Indian publishing industry. Fascinated by all aspects of storytelling, Devyanshi hopes to work in sectors that bring valuable and entertaining stories to life, not only on the page but also on the screen. Not one to take herself too seriously, Devyanshi makes room for trying out new things, even in the face of absolute failure, and believes that anyone can do anything. Through the YIF, Devyanshi hopes to develop and nurture long-term friendships that stem from similar and dissimilar interests alike, learn from a diverse group of peers, and observe the world from a multi-disciplinary lens.

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