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  • Visiting Indian Students Programme – (VISP)

    Ashoka University welcomes undergraduate students from other colleges and universities in India to experience the university’s unique academic offerings through the Visiting Indian Students Programme.

    The Visiting Indian Students Programme is specifically designed to foster exchange of ideas between undergraduate students from across educational institutions and those at Ashoka. In keeping with this ethos this purpose will be fulfilled, this year, by conducting all courses in-person with a few courses being offered online. If a course is in-person, all students will be expected to be on campus and take the course in-person. No hybrid mode will be available.

    Enrolling for the summer semester at Ashoka provides you an opportunity to take courses and study with Ashoka’s global faculty. This will expand the academic range of topics you could be studying. It will help build on your academic prowess, experience the liberal arts and sciences pedagogy or simply explore other areas of interest. The summer semester provides you the opportunity to study with Ashoka students and with students from international institutions giving you an experience in global learning in a virtual setting.

    Here are some of the advantages the summer semester provides for Visiting Indian students:
    1. Opportunity to study with Ashoka’s eminent global faculty
    2. Expand your academic interests and skills
    3. Explore a new field or topic of your interest
    4. Experience the liberal arts and sciences pedagogy
    5. Learn the Multi-disciplinary method of problem-solving
    6. Focus on a new subject intensely over the summer
    7. Prepare for higher studies in academics or research
    8. Earn credits towards your major/minor and fulfil the requirement for your degree
    9. Peer learning with international students from some of the world’s finest institutions
    10. An opportunity to study with Ashoka Students
    11. Share your perspectives in a global virtual learning setting

    If you would like to gain credits for the courses you take at Ashoka please pursue that with your college/university and the Office of Summer Programmes at Ashoka will help to follow up. In order to maximize the benefit of the summer semester, all students are encouraged to seek academic advising before registering for courses. All summer students, no matter which college or university they are from, will get a summer transcript from Ashoka.

    As a part of the summer semester, The Office of Summer Programmes at the university offers several opportunities for students to meet and interact in a number of forums beyond the classroom. These take the form of social and cultural activities online and includes virtual tours of cultural sites of India, speaker series, social mixers, book clubs, coursework related small group hangouts, reading groups, weekend activities, and more.

  • Course Offerings

    The courses on offer during the Summer Semester 2022 can be found here.

  • Information for Students

    Summer Dates: July 4 to August 12, 2022
    Eligibility: The Visiting Indian Students Programme is designed for undergraduate students currently enrolled full-time at an educational institution (College and Universities) in India

    Each student can take two courses, however a student can opt to take only ONE course but NOT more than two courses.

    Classes will be held from Monday to Friday; each class will run for 2 hours starting from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    Tuition for regular courses: INR 60,000 per course
    Hostel/Boarding: INR 27,000 (Will be charged ONLY to those students who are staying on campus).

  • Enrolment

    Visiting Indian Students can choose to study at Ashoka for the summer session only:
    Courses being offered during the summer session can be viewed here.

    For more information, write to summer.visp@ashoka.edu.in

  • Duration

    Summer session is for 6 weeks in July and August, 2022.

    Dates: July 4 to August 12, 2022
    Applications closed for this session.

    Course Fees: Rs. 60,000 per course (only for Visiting Indian Students – VISP)

    Hostel/Boarding: Rs. 27,000 (Will be charged ONLY to those students who are staying on campus)

    Meals: On a paid basis

  • Contact Us

    Email: summer.visp@ashoka.edu.in
    Phone Number: +91 7496967701 / +917496967702 (Whatsapp)


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Ashoka University aims to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and become leaders with a commitment to public service. An Ashoka education carries a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, thorough academic research based on rigorous pedagogy, and hands-on experience with real-world challenges.

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Ashoka University aims to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives

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