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Ashoka Scholars Programme in Political Science

Ashoka University offers a year-long Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research (DipASR) to students who have completed the three-year Bachelor’s Program. Students can choose among a wide range of elective options across a variety of subjects, as well as gain valuable research experience in specific disciplines. Students must complete 32 credits to graduate from the ASP and may choose to complete an advanced major by writing an undergraduate thesis, or complete the ASP by taking courses across disciplines. Students who do not opt for the thesis can use the ASP to complete a minor or double major programme.

  • Requirements

    For obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Political Science, students need to submit an initial statement of interest in April in their 3rd year, with the name of the preferred advisor(s). This statement of interest should approximately be of two pages, highlighting preliminary details about the project. By the beginning of the ensuing summer break, students will be matched to an advisor, who may assist in structuring a thesis project over the summer. In the first week of courses in the Monsoon semester of the 4th year, students will be expected to submit a thesis proposal that is 3000-5000 words. These proposals will be assessed by the appointed advisor and a department-selected second reader (who is not an advisor) for quality, feasibility and clarity.

    Students will be given feedback on the proposal by the second week of courses, with one of three decisions: (i) reject, (ii) revise and resubmit, or (iii) pass. If the student is given a pass, then she or he may continue to the thesis program without qualification. If the student is given a revise and resubmit, then she or he may continue to the thesis program conditional on completing the requested revisions within one week. If the student is given a reject, then she or he may not continue into the thesis program.

    Upon gaining entry into the thesis program, there are four requirements for the year:
    • Attendance at a Year-Long Thesis Seminar
    • End of Monsoon Semester Presentation
    • Final Thesis Presentation (End of Spring Semester)
    • Final Thesis Submission
    The grading scheme across these requirements and relevant schedules will be shared with students before course enrollment commences for the Monsoon Semester. The final thesis will be graded by the advisor(s) and a department-selected second reader (who is not an advisor). The thesis will be for 8 credits overall (4 in each semester). Students are expected to take at least three courses (12 credits) in Political Science during their advanced major. They can also choose to TA for Political Science courses instead of an elective and gain credits. The minimum credits required to complete the advanced major with the department are 32 credits.

  • Other Prerequisites

    As you already know that the 100 level courses are entry-level or introductory courses, while the 300 level courses are advanced. The department doesn’t impose a sequence of course as per the level but strongly recommends that a student clear entry-level courses before taking advanced-level courses. Some advanced electives will require you to take Quantitative Research Methods as a prerequisite.

    For example (non-exhaustive list):

    1. Quantitative Research Methods 2: Students must have completed Quantitative Research Methods 1.

    2. Political Islam: Students must have completed Concepts in Islam.

    In the event that a course apart from these has some pre-requisites, it is communicated at the starting of the semester.

More About Ashoka Scholars' Programme

All undergraduates graduating with bachelor’s degrees at the end of their third year, or who have completed by that time at least academic 92 credits of their degree programme, are eligible for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research programme, also known as the Ashoka Scholars Programme (ASP)

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Yes, provided you fulfil other requirements meant for graduation.

You can email them to the Student Representative or the Department Manager Anjali Panwar at anjali.panwar@ashoka.edu.in.

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