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Research Facilities

Ashoka University provides facilities and services that directly facilitate campus research through collaboration, training, consultation, and other professional services at Ashoka University. The Undergraduate laboratories are well equipped with advanced instrumentation that promotes cutting edge research. Ashoka hosts an ‘Open Lab’ culture that follows no boundaries between individual labs. This further synergizes scientific and intellectual interactions amongst academic researchers that paves way to collaborative approaches to address crucial research questions.


Ashoka University Biology labs are fully equipped with advanced instruments for analytical and imaging facilities. Some of the key facilities include Agilent Bioanalyser, Nucleofectore, Magnetic Tweezer, FPLC, Microscopy facilities include Fluorescent Microscope, Confocal Microscope, Stereo Microscope, FRAP and Ablation Systems, Cam, RoHS, PRIMEBSI, SCMOS, and more. Some of the key facilities include Insect Facility, Plant facility, Fish and Insect Neuro Behavioural Biology Facility.



In the Chemical Analysis domain, high-end analytical instrumentation such as Titrator, FTIR, UV Spectrophotometer, Potentiostat, Rotary Evaporator, Ice-Flaker Machine, pH Meter, Melting Point Apparatus, Freezer, Vacuum Pump, Filtration Assembly, Ostwald Viscometer and Weighing Balance are available.

Computer Science Facilities

We have also recently set up High Performance Computing Clusters with in-house servers to aid in high-speed computing across disciplines. This would also facilitate critical data analysis across disciplines and departments.

Environmental Sciences Facilities

High-range binoculars, GPS trackers, Livingstone corer facilities, ENVI Software Suites are available for environmental monitoring and studies.

MakersSpace Lab

The newest addition is the Makerspace Lab, a one-of-a-kind meant to engage, encourage and facilitate budding creators to design and test novel prototypes and come up with innovative design-thinking solutions to problems. This newly launched lab consists of both Digital and Analog wings and houses a 3D Printer, machining/electrical tools, function generators, oscilloscopes and necessary workshop facilities for students and faculty alike.

Physics Lab Equipments/Instruments

The Ashoka faculty also harbours Laser Optics Lab with Optical Breadboards with Passive Vibration isolated Support Microscope, Soft Matter Research Lab With Fluorescence Polarized Microscope, Spin-Coating and Benchtop Rubbing Machine, Noise Fundamentals Apparatus, Basic Telescope for Astrophysics activities, Dedicated Departmental Servers, High-Voltage Amplifier, Multimeter and Oscilloscope which are regularly used by students and faculty for their research.

Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab is equipped with high-end Tobii Eye-Trackers, Survey (Zoho Survey Enterprise Edition) and Analytical software.

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka