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Reports and Perspectives

Ways to tackle hunger during COVID-19: Strengthening supply-chain networks

Anjali Taneja

COVID-19 has not only caused deaths but has also exacerbated hunger and starvation due to nationwide lockdowns in the country that have led to a massive breakdown in the supply chain networks. These tough times are no less than a “wake-up call” for India to devise a permanent supply chain solution that ensures an uninterrupted supply of food and nutrition as well as timely healthcare and employment for its population.

Economic and Political Weekly, 40 (56), 2021.

Evidence, decision-making and policy for COVID-19 in India

Anjali Taneja; Madhuri Dutta; Gautam I. Menon

We, in partnership with the George Institute for Global Health organised a virtual Symposium on COVID-19 on November 9, 2020. Attended by over 160 participants globally, the two-hour-long symposium engaged researchers, clinicians and policymakers in discussions of lessons learned from the ongoing pandemic. Eminent policy experts and academics were invited to discuss the role of research evidence in public health and the use of such evidence in driving policy. We present the Meeting Report underlining the key takeways from this symposium.

Report , 2020.

Landscaping priority areas for blockchain: Cryptoeconomics, capacity building, scalability, security

Anjali Taneja; Mahavir Jhawar

We hosted a Policy Discussion with subject experts on blockchain technology on January 24, 2020. The first of its kind engagement by Ashoka on this subject, we had invited distinguished academicians, thought leaders and policy experts from the academic community, government and the industry, for the discussions. We present the Meeting Report underlining the featured discussions that we carried out during the meeting followed by some policy suggestions.

Report, 2020.

Higher education in India: Securing quality, inclusiveness, innovation through teachers 

Anjali Taneja; L.S.Shashidhara 

It is not just traditional wisdom that teachers and faculty are enablers of knowledge and wisdom, but it is a fact that we experience in our lives. In the words of Michael Morpurgo, the popular English novelist, “It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom”. This article underscores the need for good teachers and innovation in teaching practices to quality of higher education in India.

HR Stream (A Journal from UGC, Human Resource Development Centre, KUD), 4 (10), 2019.

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