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Policy Briefs and Publications

The Collection of Policy Briefs is an outcome of an interactive webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) hosted by us in 2020 with leading experts from academia, government and the industry. They were invited to discuss the deployment of AI across different verticals of the economy. This Collection features some of these discussions in larger detail and is based on the insights of such experts who have contributed their thoughts and perspective surrounding AI’s use in emerging fields such as healthcare, education and supply-chain-management and AI for social or public good; precisely this publication underlines some of the pressing issues concerning AI’s deployment in these areas and a set of policy recommendations for a better future. We are confident that the Compendium will help explore avenues to deploy AI in addressing societal problems.

A list of the core chapters are:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Social Good in India: Shaping the Way Forward

Anjali Taneja ; Alpan Raval

  • Ethics in Healthcare AI Applications: Implications for India and Society

Anjali Taneja ; Avik Sarkar

  • Artificial Intelligence in Classroom and Beyond

Anjali Taneja ; Sudeshna Sarkar

  • Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management in India: Let’s Walk the Policy Talk

Anjali Taneja ; Samir K. Srivastava

  • Enabling a $5 Trillion Indian Economy: A Policy Framework to Catalyze Artificial
    Intelligence-centric Technology Ecosystem
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