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Undergraduate Admissions


Welcome to Ashoka University's Undergraduate Admissions page. 


Applications to Ashoka University's undergraduate programme for the year 2022 are open! Please click here to start your application. 


Ashoka University’s undergraduate programme offers a 3 year-long interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences education that focuses on academic research and intellectual growth. We wish you all the best as you prepare and participate in the application and admissions processes for the undergraduate degree programme. 


Please find below the Admissions Calendar for the academic session beginning in August 2022:


*The Round 3 Submission deadline is subject to change following the release of the final Grade XII/Equivalent examination schedule

**The Commencement Date is subject to change following government and UGC guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic


Please note: The Applicant's Letter of Recommendation and School Predicted Scores/Grades (if relevant) should be submitted within 7 days of the Application Submission Deadline of each round


*School Issued Predicted Grades Deadline is applicable only to applicants from IB, Cambridge, and some International Boards 
**These dates are tentative and subject to change depending on if there are any the change in the application submission deadlines




Holistic Admissions


The Admissions criteria and processes are based on holistic principles and values held by Ashoka University. All applicants will be evaluated on their level of engagement with their academics, extra-curricular activities, interests and potential within their unique life journeys. Throughout their academic and residential life at Ashoka University, students work towards developing faculties and values such as:

  • Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking

  • Academic rigour, research, and writing

  • Open-mindedness and willingness to learn

  • An interdisciplinary and problem-solving approach

  • Resilience, tolerance, and teamwork

Admissions Process

Ashoka University’s holistic admissions process ensures that each application is evaluated in its unique context. 


Please find the details of the stages involved in admissions in the table given below:



Registering and starting the Application Form

  • An applicant needs to register with a personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo or Personal Domain IDs preferred) to start an application form. Use a personal email address and not a school or office-affiliated email address to ensure that they have access to this email address till the duration of their undergraduate degree programme
  • All communication from Ashoka University will be sent only to the applicant’s registered email address

Instructions to fill in the Application Form


  • The application form has multiple sections and is designed to get to know the applicant. The applicant is advised to carefully and thoughtfully engage with all the sections in the form

  • The applicant should supply all relevant information in both mandatory and non-mandatory sections of the application form

  • The applicant should attach all mandatory documents to prevent the application form from being considered ‘incomplete’. The applicant’s photograph, government identification document, and examination mark-sheets should be clearly visible and not password-protected

  • Haryana Domicile Applicants will be required to submit their Government issued Haryana Resident Certificate (Domicile) to avail of benefits (if relevant) as per the Haryana Private Universities Act. Eligible applicants may attach a receipt of their Resident Certificates if they do not have access to their Resident Certificates at the time of submitting their Application Forms.

  • The applicant should attach collaterals (certificates, photographs, artwork, writing samples, web-links, letters of experience/completion/appointment, etc) for optional sections to substantiate their listed activities and areas of engagement

  • The applicants are required to respond to three mandatory personal essay prompts. They should be written by the applicant and should aim to address the stated prompt/cue as genuinely as possible

  • The applicant should get the consent of the recommender before enlisting the recommender’s name on the application form

  • The applicant’s choice of preferred Majors under the Course Preference Section in the application form is only indicative in nature

  • Ashoka University also offers extensive support to its students for English language, writing, learning disabilities, medical, mental health, and counselling. Please find the details for these support centres here: Support at Ashoka. To enable the university to extend adequate support to the applicant during the admissions process and on campus (if made an offer of admission), the applicant is requested to submit all relevant details in the Support at Ashoka Section of the application form

  • Please make sure that you click SUBMIT after you finish completing your application form

Please click on the links below to download the sample application forms:
Sample Application 1
Sample Application 2


Instructions regarding Assessments

Once an application form has been submitted within the deadline of a particular round, the applicant will be required to mandatorily participate in the Assessments on the date(s) mentioned in the Admissions Calendar. The Assessments consist of the following:


  • On-the-Spot Essay; Mandatory (30 minutes)
    The on-the-spot essay evaluates the following parameters: engagement with the prompt, critical thinking, clarity of thought, and creativity. The candidate will be given two topics to choose from at the time of writing the essay. The candidate cannot use any external resources to help them write the essay. The essay has no word limit and can be attempted with minimal preparation

    Please click here to download sample essays and prompts of the On-the-Spot Essay.

  • Ashoka Aptitude Assessment; Mandatory (90 minutes)
    The Ashoka Aptitude Assessment has been developed for Ashoka University's admissions purposes by Cambridge and is based on the Thinking Skills Assessment to evaluate the thinking skills of the applicant. It consists of questions on problem-solving skills (includes numerical and spatial reasoning) and critical thinking skills (includes understanding arguments and reasoning using everyday language). It has a total of 40 Multiple Choice Questions (20 problem-solving questions and 20 critical thinking questions) and is designed to be taken with minimal preparation

    Please click here to download a summary and a sample paper of the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment.

    Please click here to read the instructions for the Ashoka Aptitude Assessement scheduled on 21st November 2021 for applicants who have applied in Round 1.


Instructions for the Interview


Each Application Form is read in detail and evaluated along with the Assessments in a holistic manner by the Admissions Committee, which shortlists candidates for an interview. Interviews are usually conducted across multiple cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, etc) in India. For applicants who are unable to travel to any of the cities where in-person interviews are conducted, there is a provision for an online interview with the interview panel. 


In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic travel and safety restrictions, all interviews will be conducted online, till further notice.


  • Interview with a panel; Mandatory
    The Ashoka Interview seeks to understand and get to know the candidate, their background and story. It also evaluates various parameters of the application form submitted by the candidate to gauge the candidate’s suitability to Ashoka University’s academic and residential life programme. The candidate will be interviewed by a panel. The time taken for the interview might vary depending on the interaction

Admissions Related Policies

Please find below all the policies relevant to Ashoka University’s Undergraduate Admissions. Read through all the policies carefully before submitting your application form.

Application Policies

  • An applicant can apply in any of the four rounds, but only once within the Admissions Cycle. Duplicate applications will not be considered and might lead to termination of the applicant’s candidature

  • The round in which an applicant applies does not affect their chances of being shortlisted for the Interview or for admission to Ashoka University

  • All decisions taken by the Admissions Committee are final. No request for re-evaluation of the final decision received by the applicant will be considered

  • The choice of preferred Majors specified in the application form is only indicative in nature. Undergraduate students at Ashoka University will have to declare their Major at the end of their third semester

  • The admissions process will be followed in its entirety on the basis of the merit of the applicant. No other formal or informal recommendations from any individual(s) will be entertained or considered

  • No details on the Application Form can be changed once the form has been submitted

  • Application Forms for Financial Aid will be open to candidates only post receiving a Firm Offer of Admission from Ashoka University. Candidates who have been made a Conditional Offer of Admission or have been waitlisted will have access to the Financial Aid Application Form only if they receive a Firm Offer of Admission. 

  • Applicants must read the policies carefully to ensure their Application Forms follow the stated requirements. If an application form is found to be ineligible, the candidature of that particular application will no longer be considered for the shortlist for the interview round. An application form will be considered ineligible if it reflects any of the following:

    • Submission of more than one application form/duplicate application form

    • Misrepresentation of any information in the application form

    • Any content that has been copied or plagiarised from elsewhere and mentioned on the application form

  • If an Application Form is found to be incomplete, that application might not be processed within the round in which it has been submitted. An Application Form will be considered as incomplete if it reflects any of the following:
    • Invalid or illegible government ID or attachment of a non-government ID as proof of identity
    • Discrepancy or mismatch between scores mentioned in the attached marksheet(s) and the manually entered scores in the application form
    • Password protected mandatory attachments 
    • Illegible Class X marksheet  
    • Illegible Class XII Final Board/Predicted marksheet
    • While digital marksheets issued via DigiLocker will be accepted, screenshots of unverified electronically generated results will render the application incomplete
    • For applicants from IB and Cambridge A Levels Educational Boards- If the applicant does not have their Final Class XII grades/scores at the time of applying, and they do not provide their Self Predicted grades/scores and the correct details of their school counsellor
    • For applicants from all other Educational Boards- If the applicant does not have their Final Class XII grades/scores at the time of applying, and they do not provide either their Self Predicted grades/scores or submit their School Predicted grades/scores
  • An application is complete only if the assessments are taken. An application will be annulled if the applicant has submitted the application form but not taken the assessments in the round in which they have applied

Admissions Policies

Once an applicant has completed all the components of the application process and submitted their form, the applicant will have to participate in the mandatory Assessments, which requires the applicant to take the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment and write an On-the-Spot Essay. The Admissions Committee will evaluate each application in a holistic manner and shortlist candidates for the Interview.


The Office of Admissions follows the policies given below:


  • Ashoka University does not have a policy of deferral of admission. An Offer of Admission is only valid for the academic session commencing at the end of the Admissions cycle in which the candidate has applied. If a candidate wishes to delay their joining by a year or more, they will have to re-apply and go through the entire admissions process within the Admissions Cycle for the academic session they wish to join

  • A candidate is eligible to receive a firm offer of admission from Ashoka University based on their overall performance in their academic and non-academic pursuits as well as their performance in the Assessment and Interview Rounds. The academic parameters requires a candidate to submit grades/scores from Grades X to XII. In the absence of Grade XII/Equivalent examination final scores, a candidate is required to submit Predicted Grades, which is considered as an indication of their performance in their final Grade XII/Equivalent examination results. However, no firm offers or decisions will be taken based on only the Predicted Grades of the candidate

  • All applicants will be required to appear for the Assessments and take the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment and write the On-the-Spot Essay. Applicants who submit their SAT/ACT scores in their Application Form are also mandatorily required to take the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment. However, if their performance in the SAT/ACT is better than their performance in the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment, the higher score will be considered in the evaluation of their application

  • Indian applicants may send their official SAT scores to Ashoka University through the College Board portal for free. Our DI Code for SAT applicants is – 7343. All applicants applying with SAT/ ACT scores need to send us their official transcripts

  • Applicants will be shortlisted for the interview based on a holistic evaluation of their Application including their performance in the assessments. Shortlisted Candidates will appear for an interview within the round in which they have applied

  • Admissions decisions are rolled out at the end of each of the four rounds within the Admissions cycle. Once a candidate has participated in the interview, they can expect to receive one of the decisions/notifications mentioned below

Types of Admissions Decisions


Offer of Admission - The candidate will be made a firm offer of admission, after which they are only required to pass their final Grade XII/Equivalent Examination

Conditional Offer of Admission - The candidate will be required to meet the conditions specified by the Admissions Committee in their decision notification

Waitlisted - The possibility of an Offer of Admission at the end of the admissions cycle or earlier based on the availability of seats but to be decided by the Admissions Committee

Deferral of Decision - The Admissions Committee defers the decision of the candidate until the candidate submits their final Grade XII/Equivalent Examination scores

Denial of Admission - The Admissions Committee denies admission to the candidate based on their overall performance in the holistic admissions process

Annulment of Application or Candidature - The Admissions Committee annuls an application or candidature if the candidate fails to participate in all componenets of the admissions process or does not submit mandatory documents required by the committee


Educational Board-Specific Policies

Please click here to read Ashoka University's Educational Board-Specific policies.

Discipline-Specific Policies

Ashoka University has specific policies for particular disciplines/courses for students who wish to Major or Minor in any of the disciplines listed below:



Please click here to read Ashoka University's policies on Mathematics courses offered by various educational boards.


Fee Structure


Please find below the year-wise Fee Structure for the August 2022 cohort:



One-time Payments


  • Admissions Fee of INR 50,000 at the time of acceptance of the Offer of Admission
  • Refundable Security Deposit of INR 75,000 (Security Deposit of INR 50,000 and Meal Cost Deposit of INR 25,000) at the time of acceptance of an Offer of Admission. The Security Deposit will be refunded at the time of graduation from Ashoka University or at the time of withdrawal of admission from the programme

More information about the Fees

  • The costs mentioned are calculated in Indian Rupees (INR)
  • Meals: A minimum amount of INR 17,500 toward meals and dining facilities will be charged at the end of each semester (minimum amount for one year is INR 35,000)
  • The Residence Cost is based on an average stay-duration of nine months a year. Special permissions must be sought if a student seeks to stay on campus during vacation periods
  • The Residence Cost component includes the following: Room and utilities such as water, electricity (100% backup and air conditioning), pantry, gymnasium, and laundry facilities
  • Services such as books, printing, photocopies, stationery, etc. will be charged on actuals
  • The annual fee is subject to revision in consonance with inflation. In the last three years, our fee has gone up by approximately 5% to 8% annually. However,  this percentage is not fixed and is subject to change

If you are on financial aid, your fee structure will depend on the level of financial aid granted to you. To know more about our financial aid policy, click here.

Refund Policy

In view of the financial hardships being faced by parents due to lockdowns and related factors, a full refund of fees will be made on account of all cancellations of admissions/ migrations of students up to October 31, 2021 for the August 2021 intake as a special case. It is made clear that the entire fee, including all charges, will be refunded (i.e. there will be zero cancellation charges) on account of cancellations/ migrations up to October 31, 2021. Thereafter, on cancellation/ withdrawal of admissions up to December 31, 2021, the entire fee collected from a student will be refunded in full after deducting not more than Rs.1000/- as processing fee details on withdrawal of admission as per the University Grants Commission Guidelines July 2021.


The Refund Policy for the session commencing in August 2022 will be updated in January 2022, once the special refund policy guidelines given by the University Grants Commission for the August 2021 intake is complete.


Please note that Ashoka University does not advertise or promote itself in newspapers, magazines or through any third party channel. The process for admission to Ashoka University is very transparent and does not engage the services of any third party to make calls or message from, for, or on behalf of Ashoka University. Applicants should therefore protect themselves against any such persons who may approach them on the pretext of assisting them to get admission.


Contact Information

For Application related queries, please contact us at:


Ashoka University Admissions Office

Days: Monday - Friday

Timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Email address:

Admissions Helpline:  +91 011-40747565

Admissions Office Address: No. 2, Green Avenue Street, Pocket D-3, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070