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The undergraduate outreach office at Ashoka University comprises experienced academic counselors to help high school students understand the concept of Liberal Education and Ashoka’s unique interdisciplinary undergraduate programme. The Office of Outreach at Ashoka University comprises experienced academic counselors to help high school students understand the concept of Liberal Education and Ashoka’s unique interdisciplinary undergraduate programme. The team is spread across major Indian cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Indore and Guwahati, and reaches out to over 980 schools across 185 cities.

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Our academic counselors aim to connect with high school students from all walks of life through various interactive sessions, webinars, faculty workshops, and admission guidance sessions. Schools can invite our counselors and faculty to conduct a session for their students. A few proposed sessions are listed below. 

Liberal Education in India (UG Programme at Ashoka University)

The online session is intended to help understand liberal education in light of the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) and its relevance in the real world. Our counselors will touch upon various aspects of the concept of liberal education and the manner in which it is realised at Ashoka University through its undergraduate programme. 

  • What is Liberal Education?
  • Significance and relevance of Liberal Education in the 21st Century
  • The Undergraduate Programme at Ashoka University
  • Unique Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Pedagogy
  • Placements & Higher Education
  • Admissions Process & Need-based Financial Aid
  • Internships, Study Abroad and Research opportunities
  • Student and Campus Life at Ashoka

Admission Session (Profile Building for a University)

The application process at Ashoka University is about profile building. The required details often leave students with queries. 

In this session, we will be covering The Undergraduate Programme at Ashoka University (the majors and minors offered) followed by the details that you need to keep in mind while filling out applications and putting together a profile for a university. The other components of the application process i.e. interview, personal essays and documents will also be discussed. 

Faculty Workshops

An Ashoka faculty will conduct an interactive session about a specific topic finalized by the professor as well as the school. 

**A minimum of 30-50 student registrations are required for this workshop.

Workshops on Gender, Sexuality, Law, and Diversity

With the increased access to popular culture and social media, young people are constantly consuming content that pushes them to think about consent and relationships. And one of the biggest restrictions they face is a lack of suitable spaces to express themselves frankly.

This workshop presents and interrogates basic questions around gender and gender-based discrimination. It thinks about the individual’s experience of their gender and how that is navigated. We look at gender roles in popular media in an attempt to build our critical faculties and understand the functioning of the world in which we live. The session covers issues of gendered experience, LGBTQIA+ identities, societal norms, consent, and bullying.

Workshops with Office of Learning Support (OLS)/for Special Education Needs (SEN) Students

With the help of Ashoka’s Office of Learning Support (OLS) this session will cover how Special Education Needs students can thrive at University Level. 

The Office of Learning Support at Ashoka University was set up in 2016. It supports students with  Learning Disabilities. Over the last few years, the Office has supported students with visual impairment, hearing impairment, ASD, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy along with various specific learning disabilities.

Creative Writing Workshops

The workshops address the most fundamental aspects of critical thinking and skills required for writing and communication. These are hands-on workshops where students have the opportunity to create a piece of writing of their own and get feedback from our reps. The session also gives students the space to interact with some of the most prominent names in the world of writing.

Feel free to reach out to our counselors for further details.

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