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Young India Fellowship Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Liberal Studies
About the Young India Fellowship

Reach for the stars. The Young India Fellowship (YIF) is a year-long residential postgraduate diploma programme in liberal studies at Ashoka University. Started in 2011, the YIF brings together bright and curious individuals from diverse academic, professional, socio-economic and geographical backgrounds, and exposes them to an array of educational experiences that help Fellows imagine new or enhanced intellectual and professional possibilities. 


Our aim is to enable Fellows to broaden their worldview, and to discover or strengthen their 21st century skills: thinking critically and from multiple perspectives, communicating effectively, collaborating inclusively, and becoming empathetic leaders with a commitment to public service. Students from all disciplines are welcome to the YIF and are mentored into reaching their full potential.


Applications to the YIF 2021-22 will open in the first week of November 2020. 









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