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Young India Fellowship Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Liberal Studies
Reach for the Stars.

A Year-long Fellowship.
A Fellow for Life. 

Adapting to the new normal will require an empathetic, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and leadership. The Young India Fellowship (YIF) - the essence of an Ashoka education, offered as a postgraduate diploma in liberal studies - is a meaningful way for young people from India and abroad to prepare themselves for the future. Since 2011, the YIF has groomed over 1700 socially conscious leaders and change-makers for the 21st century.


The YIF is unlike any other academic programme. Fellows come from diverse academic, professional, socio-economic and geographical backgrounds. Within a year, they engage with diverse areas of study, research and practice, enabled by leading thinkers and scholars of our time. This often helps them reimagine themselves and discover their passions.


APPLY NOW (Final Deadline: April 12th, 2021)
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