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Fee and Financial Aid

Programme Programme Fees (INR) Programme Duration
YSP General INR 45,000 (all inclusive of taxes) 5 days
YSP Sciences INR 45,000 (inclusive of taxes) 5 days
YSP Computer Science INR 45,000 (inclusive of taxes) 5 days
YSP Advanced (General + YSP Sciences ) INR 70,000 (inclusive of taxes) 10 days
YSP Advanced (General + YSP Computer Science) INR 70,000 (inclusive of taxes) 10 days


Fees inclusions

  • Fees are inclusive of taxes. 
  • For students taking YSP Advanced (General + Sciences) programme, fees includes optional stay on campus over the weekend of May 27-28
  • Fees covers all on-campus components of the program including  tuition, meals, housing, curriculum materials etc.

Fees exclusions

  • The above fees excludes the costs of travel as well as local transportation to & from the University campus at Sonipat. Arrangements to & from the campus need to be made directly by students/ parents/ guardians.

Financial Aid

  • YSP offers need-based financial aid to deserving students. The financial aid section is available on the online application form. Please visit the application portal to register and receive an application ID. This section can be accessed after filling the first section of the YSP application form. You can then continue to fill in the details required to avail financial aid in the application form and submit the completed application form. 
  • Please note that the deadline to apply for financial aid is March 31st, 2023. Requests for financial aid will not be entertained after this date. Post request for aid, please submit all requested documentation in the form for an assessment of genuine financial need.  
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